The Power of Print: Transforming Museums & Exhibitions with Display Graphics

Museums and exhibitions are popular settings which attract millions of visitors yearly across the globe. The constant evolution of society’s interests has become a massive challenge for these settings, making it difficult for them to keep up with new trends. 

For museums and exhibitions to remain present, switching designs and introducing new graphics can be a great way to keep your visitors engaged and your space feeling fresh and modern.

Tips for Transforming Museums and Exhibitions

Graphic Displays

Banners and other graphic displays are a great way to create a grand, artistic atmosphere. Incorporating graphics throughout an establishment is a great way to advertise current exhibitions alongside other information you want guests to know.

High-quality displays can further elevate the success of exhibits and enhance the visiting experience. Displays and infographics also allow descriptions to be shared in an easy-to-understand manner. 

For those who struggle with complex text, images are an accessible method for teaching and learning. This opens an exhibit up to more people, regardless of knowledge or language proficiency.



Use Colour

Colour is one of the best ways to attract an audience. Using the right colours in the right places can affect feelings and catch the eye. Currently, many museums and exhibitions stick to plain colours such as white or grey to ensure that the art and other objects take centre stage. 

Recently, more colour has been welcomed into these public spaces, adding some much-needed flair and variation to our visual sphere. Celebrating colours and working out the right combinations can help to ensure that your exhibition lingers in people’s memory for longer, compelling them to return and recommend it! 

Strong Branding 

When creating a successful exhibition, it is vital that your branding is strong and clear throughout. Any display graphics created should use your brand fonts, colours and styles to remain cohesive.

Sustainability Focused 

Currently, the exhibition and event industry is the second largest waste producer in the world. Studies show that 51% of material waste created at events goes to landfill, with only 26% being recycled

Making conscious efforts towards becoming more sustainable begins with the materials we use. Eco-friendly options, such as cork or wood, are available and are just as durable and creative as other materials. 

Taking extra steps to ensure that your display graphics are sustainably made can help to lower emissions and your carbon footprint. Here at Leach, we offer a range of environmentally friendly options, from recyclable frames and lightboxes to 100% recycled fabric graphics and wraps. 

Utilise Wayfinding and Signage

Wayfinding is a great way to ensure your exhibition is easy to navigate and understand. Infographics and labels can create a clear vision of your exhibit while controlling foot traffic. 

While museum designs should be inviting and fascinating, they also must maintain simplicity and clarity.

Why Choose Leach?

Here at Leach, we are world-class creative enablers in the museum industry. With over 70 years of experience in this industry alone, our team of experts are passionate about bringing creative visions to life no matter how challenging the concept. 

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