Steal The Show: Designing a Winning Exhibition Stand

The exhibition and event industry continues to grow and enable global trade and economic growth. Despite the challenges faced throughout the pandemic, the industry is set to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.54% by 2028. 

Although exhibitions have had to make major changes in recent years, their popularity has bounced back post Covid-19. With more people looking to attend in-person events, it's critical to create effective exhibition stands to promote your brand.

Here at Leach, we are leading manufacturers of high-quality display products and are experts in elevating exhibition stands, navigating the many factors to consider when preparing your exhibit.

Use Clear Branding

Your stand should display who you are and what you have to offer, allowing people to understand what you do before they leave. Ensuring your exhibition stand mirrors your company branding will help to raise brand awareness and familiarity among potential customers. 

Be sure to consider fonts, colours and styles that highlight you and your brand. At Leach, we’re passionate about bringing creative visions to life and successfully delivering on even the most challenging display concepts. 

Colour is a useful and important component to remember when curating your visual design. Studies have shown that 85% of people claim that colour is the primary reason when they make a purchase. It is a simple yet effective method to remember when building a successful exhibition stand.

Use High-Quality Products

Using good quality products that stand the test of time is essential when creating displays for the modern industry. Choosing poor-quality print will give your stand a cheap look and could harm your brand. By investing in better products, you will represent your brand's professionalism and commitment to quality.

Consider Your Lighting

Building an atmosphere that reflects your values, story and messages can add to the overall design of your display, making the exhibit appear compelling and attractive. 

Lighting has a significant impact on purchasing decisions and can act as a direct indication of the quality of your products and services. At Leach, we provide a range of lighting solutions with lightboxes and tension frames to enhance your space.

Reuse and Reconfigure

The exhibition and event industry is the second largest waste producer in the world. Therefore, making a conscious effort to become more sustainable is necessary when creating a display. Eco-friendly solutions are durable and designed to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly materials are consistently being utilised and developed by our in-house experts. From recyclable tension frames and lightboxes to recyclable graphics and wraps our portfolio grows greener in every sector.

The industry will lessen the amount of waste it produces and the negative impact it has on the environment if businesses start making small, sustainable efforts like reusing and rearranging their displays.

Let Us Bring Your Ideas To Life

We work collaboratively to produce effective and sustainable print solutions. Our innovative designs can drive footfall and create a memorable impression of your brand.

With our unrivalled expertise and knowledge, we can help to design and deliver the best display solution for you.

For more information, contact our team.