LED Neon Signs

Illuminate your space with custom neon LED signs

Illuminate your space with custom neon LED signs

For decades, neon lights have shined brightly in the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors. Leading brands are now returning to its nostalgic appeal with LED neon, an energy-efficient, sustainable LED neon sign solution.

Our LED neon signs are manufactured in Yorkshire and bespoke to your desired specifications. Available in a variety of vivid colours, fonts, shapes, sizes and fixings, LED neon signs offer endless creative opportunities. We are trusted by sectors such as retailexhibitionsevents, and interiors to design innovative solutions that make a lasting impression.

Bring your brand logo, slogan or unique design to life with Leach. Perfect for all environments, now is the time to stand out and glow.

Neon 1

Neon LED is a highly customisable and eye-catching LED neon sign solution.

Each sign is created with bright, energy-saving 24v LEDs, mounted securely in a sturdy 8mm or 10mm acrylic back pane and protected with coloured silicone dome covers.

We offer 20 vibrant colours and bespoke fitting options that bring maximum impact.

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Neon 30

As a LED block acrylic, Neon 30 is a neon sign that can be intricately cut and made to replicate any font, brand image or design in mind.

Powered by 24v LEDs, Neon 30 adds dimension with 3D lettering made with 30mm thick acyclic.

Neon 30 enhances interior and exterior environments and is available in various fittings and colour options for the face and sides of the letters.

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Making first impressions count

Neon 1 LED and Neon 30 create an attractive focal point in any setting. Our custom neon LED signs are energy-efficient yet vibrant, allowing leading brands to stand out without the cost of traditional neon. Using innovative machinery, we ensure each product is made with the highest quality materials that will sustain for years to come. Embrace the limitless potential of LED neon signs and illuminate your space with creativity and elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What voltage are the LED neon sign lights?

Neon 1 and Neon 30 are fitted with 24v LEDs, offering the brightest appearance possible for your neon LED sign.

What colours are your LED neon signs available in?

Neon 1 signs are available in 20 colours ranging from orange to ice blue and green to white. When turned off, colours such as peach, light blue, light pink, mint green, warm white and white will appear white. Neon 30 is available in various colours using coloured LEDs and translucent vinyl. Colour options can be discussed upon creation.

What fonts do your LED neon signs come in?

You can choose from 18 fonts, such as Sunset City, Zeyada, Bad Script and Electronica. Please let us know if you would like it tailored to a branded font, and our team will try to replicate it.

What fixings can you select from for LED neon signs?

We can fit our Neon 1 signs into a hanging panel, perspex box or caged fence. For those looking for a minimalistic style, we also offer wall studs, plastic stand-off locators and foliage fixings. We can wall mount or pre-mount Neon 30 signs onto various back panel solutions.

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What our clients have to say…

‘We wanted to take our brand and identity to the next level as the club makes its way into the pinnacle of the football pyramid. The new graphics and lightboxes provide the extra dimension the football club requires, and together with our iconic Terrier brand will leave a lasting impression with our visitors.’

Sean Jarvis, Commercial Director, Huddersfield Town