Wayfinding Signage & Directional Signs

Guide visitors on the right path with directional signage

Wayfinding signage is a crucial factor in making unforgettable visitor experiences. At Leach, we create effective, durable wayfinding signs that guide the public across wide-open spaces. Our wayfinding solutions are made with weather-resistant materials and are designed in unique sizes, shapes, and heights.

Our finger posts and waymarkers are located on nature trails and popular walking routes. In urban settings, we install information signs, such as stop signs, to maintain public safety. Our team also specialises in monolith and totem signage for museums, visitor attractions and educational spaces to catch attention on roadsides. Our wayfinding reassures visitors where they are going, enhancing their experience at your location.

Wayfinding sign specifications:

> Weather resistant
> Regulatory shapes, sizes and icons
> Black or white powder coating and RAL colour powder coating availability
> Available in oak, timber, stainless steel and marine-grade steel
> ISO19001 and ISO14001 compliant

Available wayfinding materials

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Marine-grade steel signs

Maintain the longevity of your wayfinding signage with durable, marine-grade steel. This resilient material withstands challenging climates in coastal settings and can be customised with a RAL colour or opt for a black or white powder coat finish.

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Stainless steel signs

Our stainless steel wayfinding signs are designed with versatility in mind. All our steel fingerposts, monoliths, and public information signage are securely locked in concrete or bolted to a robust fixing plate. Available in over 20 RAL colours or black and white powder coating.

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Timber signs

Unite your outdoor surroundings with reliable timber wayfinding signage. Available in tanalised softwood or iroko, our timber signs come in various colours tailored to your preferences. Timber is a popular choice for traditional fingerposts and waymarkers and can be made more stable with metal fixings, brackets and fastenings.

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Oak signs

Our green oak signs offer an enduring charm that fits perfectly within natural landscapes. Choose from custom RAL powder coatings or follow a timeless look using black or white powder coating. Our hardwearing oak is a popular option for fingerposts, waymarkers and rustic totem signage.

Indoor wayfinding signage

Leach installs practical wayfinding signage in diverse settings, including busy car parks to large museums. Our directional signage fits in outdoor and indoor spaces, acting as an accessible guide for heavy footfall areas. In indoor environments, we can design signage for direction, information and regulatory purposes such as access control.

Our wayfinding signage is completely versatile and complements any environment it sits in. If you’re searching for indoor signage, contact our team to learn how we can assist you.

Wayfinding posts & signage

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Finger post signage

Point visitors across open spaces with traditional fingerposts. These signs offer a friendly and accessible means of navigation, using their directional arms and complementary symbols and lettering to provide direction. We provide oak and timber fingerposts for natural and historical sites and stainless steel for modern spaces, including towns and retail.

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Monolith & totem signage

Direct visitors across high streets, business parks, universities and local attractions with practical monolith (or ‘totem’) signs. Our freestanding totem signage can feature maps, arrows, text and logos to direct visitors down an appropriate route. We can customise each sign with powder coatings and materials to suit your environment.

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Waymarker posts

Keep visitors on the right path with compelling waymarking posts, discs and other identifiable trail markers. Available in timber and oak, our trail signage is a durable and weather-resistant solution for outdoor spaces, including walking or cycling routes and nature trails. Customise your waymarker post with route names, logos and unique RAL powder coatings.

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Public information signage

Present public information with accessible warning signs and notices. We offer many designs, including parking signage, speed restriction signs and safety signs that outline rules, regulations and access control. Incorporate clear messaging and industry-known symbols and shapes to keep everyone safe and aware on your property. Choose from free-standing, wall or rail-mounted.

Case studies

See our wayfinding signs and directional posts in action through our recent work across heritage and visitor attractions.

Culzean Castle

3 month project to overhaul the experiential signage around the National Trust

Nomadic Belfast

Manufacture, build and install graphics and interpretive furniture for the restored SS Nomadic vessel

Horniman Museum and Gardens

We provided internal and external graphics for this extraordinary collection

Why choose Leach for wayfinding signage?

  • Versatile design: Our wayfinding signage is available in industry-recognised designs, including public warning signs, monolith/totem signage and directional finger post signs.
  • Custom wayfinding signage: We custom-make directional signage to your project needs. Choose from various materials, fixtures, shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Resilient materials: We use high-quality materials renowned for their durability and resilience even in the harshest weather climates.

Need some direction? Contact the Leach team to learn more about our wayfinding signage.

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