Celebrating our colourful world

Consumers across the globe expect to experience innovation and creativity when they participate in retail activity, attend events and exhibitions or visit museums and other attractions.

Such expectations will grow during this decade. Research by flagship destination developer and operator Unibail-Radamco-Westfield found 59% of consumers globally expected more than half of retail space would be given over to experience rather than product by 2025.

And crucially 81% of consumers would be prepared to pay more for an innovative retail experience.

Meeting the Challenge

At Leach, with our proud heritage of celebrating colour and creating innovative display design solutions, we want to highlight sector projects that we love and that we think meet the challenge of fulfilling the desire for innovation and creativity that consumers clearly seek.

These three projects – from the retailevent and museum sectors – have succeeded in producing unique experiences for consumers that have been shaped by designers, images and creative practices.

Retail: Hassle-free Amazon Go

Retailer Amazon Go understood the people’s desire for the physical environment and that they enjoyed seeing and feeling products. But it cleverly took away the undesirable hassle of human or self-service interaction.

Amazon was the first to open a checkout-free supermarket; with many others following suit such as Tesco and Aldi. The pioneering retailer hopes to have 260 stores operating across the UK by 2025

Event: Brand-boosting Pantone Café

The French Riviera took on even more colour with this great creative risk from an established brand. At the Pantone Café, patrons chose colour-coded sandwiches, salads and snacks, presented in matching packaging. Pantone hues were also applied to folding chairs, trays, napkins and the façade of the pop-up restaurant.

We believe pop-ups are exciting as they allow brands to experiment outside of standard business models. They are a great way to show off a company’s personality and are becoming important ways to cultivate a brand. We love the world of colour celebrated in the everyday.

Museum: Spy Story

This is a brilliant project that brought storytelling and immersive design to the fore. The International Spy Museum in Washington understands the necessity for modernisation in creating visitor footfall.

High quality, interactive exhibitions show the museum understands the importance of social media in increasing footfall. Visitors are given a badge that allows them to experience interactives, receive their cover identity, prepare to test their spy skills, and if you want to, receive an undercover mission.

We love that museums with stagnant artefacts are becoming a thing of the past. Eight years ago, The UK’s Tate was exclaiming that it would be embracing the public as never before, and museums would become a new type of public space for social play and innovation, “facilitating new forms of art, creativity and thinking”.

These projects use innovation, creativity and design combined with colour to give a unique consumer experience. At Leach, this is our vision too. If you want to share it, get in touch and create a world of colour with u