How to reduce your event’s carbon footprint

Sea levels are rising and oceans are becoming warmer. As our changing climate begins to risk our planet’s diversity of life, individuals around the world are considering ways to help. As an event planner, you may not be aware of your event’s carbon footprint, particularly the aspects of an event that are especially detrimental to the environment.

To successfully achieve a sustainable events industry, it’s important for organisers to recognise the main sources of carbon emissions in the events industry and how to reduce them.

Assess the Impact of Your Event

It’s no secret that events can generate a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions, leaving behind a big carbon footprint. Factors such as lighting, venue heating and the transportation of attendees contribute to the overall carbon impact of your event, prompting organisers to introduce green initiatives when planning their next project.

Before making improvements, consider the effect your event is currently having on the environment and potential ways to offset that impact. Online footprint calculators can help with this, as can isla, outlining the key steps involved in planning a sustainable event.

Consider Your Venue: Energy and Lighting

When striving to reduce your event’s carbon footprint, positive changes can be made from the very beginning of the planning process. In terms of your venue, search for conference centres, arenas and hotels that run on renewable energy. By choosing clean, renewable power or biomass generators, you can make a real difference to the sustainability of your event.

Additional green credentials to consider include LED lighting and low power efficiency systems, helping to minimise your footprint by using less energy.

Leach are leading the way in the field with a range of cutting-edge display solutions, including our LED lightboxes. Created using ultra-bright LED systems housed in frames and fronted by fabric or rigid panel graphics, Leach lightboxes are impactful, sustainable and reusable.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Reducing the amount of waste your event produces is incredibly important, so start by making it easy for attendees to place their rubbish in the correct recycling bins – for plastic, paper, aluminium cans and so on.

Heavy, bulky materials such as wood are often used to populate exhibition spaces, generating recycling issues when exhibitions finish or travel. With great difficulty in identifying contractors and an unclear route for proper disposal, waste management in the exhibitions industry continues to be a global problem.

As a result, event organisers need to better engage with suppliers producing stands, carpets, lighting, etc., to ensure exhibition materials are sustainable and reusable to reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainable Events with Leach

Introducing our new, 100% recyclable, cardboard freestanding plinth perfect for ever-changing exhibitions and events. We also craft eco screens and tension frame systems, designed to be reused over and over again.

With a dedicated initiative towards a more sustainable future, contact the team at Leach to reduce your event’s carbon footprint.