How interpretation panels create great visitor experiences

Leave a Lasting Impression

External signage proactively offers information and guidance before we realise we need it. While wayfinding provides direction, interpretation panels enrich our curiosity with visually rich narratives.

Interpretation boards are usually the first point of contact for visitors exploring an environment. Your signage needs to leave a lasting impression, and with informative guidance, you’ll enhance visitor experiences.

What Is An Interpretation Board?

An interpretation board or panel is a visual tool that provides further information or insight about outdoor space. They are popular in nature reserves, heritage sites, museums and visitor attractions, all of which use external signage to engage with visitors.

Interpretation panels include images, text and interactive features, such as audio, to explain a place, person, object or event. These information boards act as personal tour guides, giving visitors detailed insight they are eager to know.

Why Is Interpretation Panels Important?

Interpretation boards are a vital aspect of a great visitor experience.

In the UK, amazing cultural, natural and historical settings welcome millions of visitors annually. Those who visit are naturally curious, often with little to no knowledge of what’s to come. This signage invites visitors to immerse in their surroundings, gaining new knowledge they can share with others.

In an ongoing project, we installed our timber Vault panels in a forest conservation site. Our signs are spread across their national parks, visitor centres and cafes, creating a unique experience that blends with the natural surroundings.

Types of Interpretation Boards

At Leach, our custom interpretation panels, the Vault collection, are available in various materials, styles and fixtures to accommodate your project needs.

1 – Wall-Mounted Panels

Wall-mounted interpretation boards save space along pathways. These panels, which can also be mounted on a wall’s top, offer information as visitors admire landscapes or landmarks.

These double as an outdoor lectern sign, with adjustable viewing angles to accommodate wall height and accessibility.

2 – Rail Panels

Guide your visitors across coastlines and nature reserves with a trail of rail-mounted Vault panels. Our rail signage is a noninvasive solution that minimises harm to the existing structure.

These lectern-style panels resist harsh climates – even the full force of an Atlantic sea storm. We incorporate marine-grade steel for added durability, protecting your signage from all weather.

3 – Slotted Panels

Our slotted interpretation boards are popular for natural and historical sites, including museumsexhibitions and castles.

Leach’s free-standing information posts include a removable graphic panel, allowing you to update information about your changing environments.

4 – Tactile Panels

Spark curiosity with our tactile panels, an interactive solution perfect for younger audiences. Our tactile panels offer endless possibilities, including wind-up or solar-powered audio, RNIB-raised information and brass rubbings.

Contact Leach for Custom External Signage

At Leach, accessibility is a leading factor behind our design process. Our interpretation panels are available at various angles, from 30° to 60°, to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Contact our team for more information if you require Leach’s expertise on your next project.