Tips for standout wayfinding

Find Your Way in Style

Wayfinding and signage play a crucial role in our lives, helping us navigate through various environments with all the information we need.

From outdoor interpretation panels to audio and tactile signage, effective wayfinding provides direction, information and accessibility – without it, we would quite literally be lost.

The Power of Wayfinding

When manufactured effectively, wayfinding anticipates our needs and offers guidance even before we realise we require assistance. By taking into account factors such as user behaviours, spatial layout and visual communication, wayfinding and signage can be tailored to different environments and functions to ensure a seamless experience for spectators.

The ultimate goal is to create a navigational aid that allows people to focus on their primary objectives, whether it’s sharing the history of a notable landmark or directing visitors to a gallery entrance.

Wayfinding and signage should serve as silent facilitators in our lives, allowing us to move through spaces with confidence and efficiency. As our world continues to grow more complex, the importance of functional and sustainable wayfinding solutions is more prominent than ever.

Top Tips for Signage Success

By providing clear, concise and accessible information, striking wayfinding empowers us to navigate our surroundings effortlessly – but what’s the best way to achieve this?

Clarity and Simplicity

The most effective wayfinding signage is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Use large, bold fonts and simple graphics or icons to ensure that information is easily visible and quickly comprehensible. Avoid using overly complicated designs or too many elements that may distract from the main message.

The in-house specialists at Leach are experts in the production phase, utilising their knowledge and experience to create wayfinding signage that is sustainable, practical and impactful.

Consistent Design Language

Consistent signage can be achieved through colour, typography and iconography, helping to create cohesive, recognisable wayfinding. This makes it easier for users to navigate a space, as they can quickly identify and associate specific elements with certain types of information or directions.

Customisable post signage provides distinct opportunities for consistency, as familiar, branded signs can be erected safely and securely across vast sites.

Consider User Needs and Context

When crafting wayfinding and signage, always keep the end user in mind. Consider factors such as age, language, cultural background and accessibility requirements to ensure that your signage is inclusive and caters to the diverse needs of users.

Take into account the environment in which the signage will be placed, such as environmental conditions, visibility and potential obstructions, ensuring optimal placement and visibility.

Material Matters

If you’re looking for a durable, reliable material: timber is ideal for outdoor use. Or perhaps you’re looking for a hard-wearing, robust material that’s vandal-resistant, then Vault is the material for you.

Here at Leach, we’re experts in identifying the intricacies of every signage project, offering bespoke fixings and high-quality materials to meet your specifications.

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Each and every one of our signage and wayfinding solutions isare made to suit your specific requirements, including free-form shapes and individual design elements, for maximum impact, functionality and durability.

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