Attract Your Audience with External Signage

Studies show it can take between two and 30 seconds to form a first impression, so external signage needs to be attractive and engaging to be remembered. As the first point of contact for your customers or visitors, your signage needs to strike the right balance between practicality and beauty.

Successful signage should accurately represent your brand identity, speak to your target audience, and fulfil a practical purpose, whether that is to inform, to direct, or to inspire an action. Choosing high-quality materials and production methods is also important for durability as well as aesthetics, while working with the right designers will ensure your vision is realised to its full potential.

Achieving Both Practicality and Beauty

Sleek, sharp, and strong signage can enhance the visitor experience and leave a lasting impression, but clear communication is crucial to success. Take some time to consider what the main purpose will be – are you aiming to promote your brand, share key information, or direct your customers?

As it is likely to be the first interaction between customers and a business, signage needs to be easy to access, read and understand, otherwise it can lead to mixed or even negative messages. Not only should the visuals be appropriate for purpose, but the signage itself needs to be well maintained.

Faded or damaged displays suggest the products or services provided by the company may be inferior, while unclear directions can make visitors feel lost, quite literally! An absence of signage can be just as damaging, with nearly 60% of consumers discouraged from using a business without signs.

Innovative Solutions from Leach

At Leach, we work with the most innovative print technology to achieve exceptional results with endless bespoke options for shapes and sizes. Here are just a few options to inspire you:

  • Vault: A hard-wearing solution that is weather, vandal and fade resistant, ensuring your signage remains crystal clear. With the flexibility to create custom shapes, sizes and fittings, it is also compliant with accessibility standards. Cost-effective and eco-friendly, Vault signage involves no harmful VOCs, PVC or solvent-based print methods and is ISO14001 compliant.
  • Rail: Thanks to its non-invasive fixings, you can use this external signage on rails, poles, gates, fences and more without damage, with powder-coating options to any RAL colour.
  • Wall: Designed with longevity in mind, this solution uses durable materials and fixings to ensure long-lasting signage. Reduce disruption to your space by keeping signage up high and use concealed fixings to maintain a sleek and professional appearance.
  • Freestanding: Available in steel or timber (including Green Oak, Softwood and Iroko), this signage is perfect for a subtle look and in natural environments. We use marine-grade fixings to keep it looking better for longer, no matter what the weather.


From Process to Finished Product

Receiving your external signage is just one part of an exciting but complex process. At Leach, we can help with every stage to ensure you achieve the right result. With a wealth of experience in Project Management, our expert team can guide you throughout the entire process. Our in-house designers are also on hand to create signs that educate and communicate to audiences as well as look great.

We are also experts in bespoke manufacturing, with all our signage solutions designed and made to suit your specific requirements, including free-form shapes, for maximum impact and interest. Our experience of working with the heritage sector for over six decades means we are able to offer a selection of proprietary fixings suitable for listed or scheduled monument heritage structures. 

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