4 wayfinding signage solutions for better navigation

Helping Visitors Find Their Way

Going from one place to another is something we do every day. But, in new environments, feeling lost and disoriented can overcome our sense of direction.

Do you go left or right? Did you forget to pay for parking? Visitors carry these concerns every time they visit somewhere new. A well-crafted wayfinding system will guide everyone in the right direction, contributing to a seamless visitor experience.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of wayfinding and how it can benefit your outdoor and indoor spaces.

What Is Wayfinding?

Usually one of the first visitor touchpoints, wayfinding signage helps people navigate unfamiliar environments and explore their destination. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, wayfinding is a practical solution, popularly used on nature trails, car parks and university grounds.

Wayfinding signs include universal symbols, such as arrows for directions and text to ensure all can understand. From finger posts and totems to public information signage, our wayfinding is all-encompassing. Available in durable materials and custom powder coatings, we can bring your vision to life.
Want to see our wayfinding in action? Explore our work with castlesmuseums and grand historical exhibitions.

What Are the 4 Types of Wayfinding Signage?

Effective wayfinding is clear and concise, providing practical information that helps visitors on their way. It is versatile and serves multiple purposes, such as informing, directing, and identifying.

1 – Informational Signage

Informational signs offer general information about an area, such as opening times, building layouts and maps. This signage is essential in complex healthcare and educational settings, where thousands of visitors navigate daily.

Our monolith and totem signage features maps, arrows and text to help people understand where they are and where they need to go. With custom powder coating, we’ll incorporate your brand identity, establishing your presence in every direction.

2 – Directional Signage 

Don’t want your visitors to get lost? Directional signage guides individuals to specific locations so they never miss their turn. The most popular varieties include finger posts and waymarker signs.

One of the most traditional forms of signage, finger posts, offer clear navigation using directional arms, symbols and lettering. Stylish in oak, timber and steel, finger posts are essential for natural, historical and urban environments.

3 – Public Information Signage

Public information signs communicate rules, regulations or essential information for a building or outdoor space. Regulatory signs include “No Entry”, “Authorised Personnel Only”, or “No Smoking”, which reinforce safety and privacy measures in unknown environments.

For sports venues and exhibitions, our team use universal symbols to relay information, such as a wheelchair symbol to indicate accessibility.

4 – Identification Signage

From door plaques to room numbers, our identification signage brings a practical yet visually appealing transformation to office spaces and other interiors.

Our solutions seamlessly combine functionality and aesthetics, enhancing navigation while adding a professional touch to the environment.

Find Your Way with Leach

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