Transforming healthcare spaces

Customised Print Solutions for Patient Well-Being

Healthcare spaces are vital in delivering comfort and solace to patients worldwide. Whether it’s a hospital, GP or private healthcare facility, specialists are responsible for the running of these spaces. Beyond medical support, what else can be done to create a calm and reassuring environment?

Art, graphics and print can transform a space, infuse it with life and evoke a profound sense of relaxation. By combining expertise with creativity, Leach creates spaces that aid in healing and rejuvenation, leaving you and your loved ones with a lasting sense of optimism throughout your healthcare journey.

Understanding the Power of Visuals in Healthcare

In healthcare settings, patients arrive with hopes and expectations for their future recovery. Recognising the profound impact of physical environments on positive patient outcomes, hospitals have increasingly prioritised the creation of safe and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Here are some key considerations when designing comfortable healthcare spaces:

Customised Print

From vibrant wall graphics that breathe life into sterile corridors to soothing nature-themed murals that offer a sense of tranquillity, the options for large-format printing are endless.

The versatility of large-format printing enables healthcare facilities to customise their print solutions based on their specific needs and patient demographics. Paediatric units can feature playful and imaginative wall graphics that cater to young patients, creating an environment that feels less clinical and more welcoming.

Check out Leach’s specialist Printing portfolio for some inspiration.

Functional Print

Functionality in print is crucial because healthcare environments require seamless integration of print materials to fulfill various essential purposes.

Functional print solutions bolster the efficiency of the healthcare facility by reducing confusion, enhancing organisation and improving overall patient flow. From informative signage that guides patients and staff through complex layouts to wayfinding maps, directories and important safety instructions; these print materials serve as critical communication tools.

Durable Print

Equally important is durability, as healthcare spaces demand materials that can withstand the rigours of a high-traffic, high-demand environment.

With constant foot traffic, frequent cleaning and the risk of exposure to chemicals and pathogens, healthcare prints must be resilient to maintain their quality and readability over time.

Durable print solutions not only save costs on frequent replacements but also ensure that critical information remains accessible and legible when needed the most.

With that, durability contributes to the overall aesthetics and ambience of the facility. When prints remain visually appealing and well-maintained, they encourage a positive atmosphere for patients, essential to their well-being and recovery.

Trusted by the world’s best to deliver environmentally friendly display solutions, Leach is committed to using durable (and sustainable!) materials to ensure the best quality print.

Promote a Calm and Restful Atmosphere with Specialist Print

We’ve found that a careful selection of print in wall coverings and window graphics can significantly impact healthcare environments.

Thoughtfully crafted to encourage rest and rehabilitation, large-format display products are manufactured with patients, staff and visitors in mind, creating peaceful environments for communities to thrive – get in touch for more information.