Retail Display Solutions for Christmas

5 Retail Display Solutions for a Successful Christmas Campaign

Across the holidays, consumers will see high streets lit with innovative window displays and festive large-format graphics. As a retailer, this is the perfect time for you to create unforgettable in-store and out–of–store experiences using high-quality display solutions.

Capture the holiday essence with festive lightboxes, specialised print and graphics, inviting customers in the cold to explore the magic of your store. In this blog, we’ll explore retail display products that drive Christmas campaigns and boost foot traffic.


Christmas is a hectic period, filled with busy shoppers with little time to window shop. Lightboxes can help elevate your window display, making your store stand out on bustling streets day or night. With endless design options, Leach expertly handcrafts lightboxes to the size, shape, depth and style that will best show off your seasonal wares.

As an industry leader, Leach has worked with various brands to drive their Christmas promotions effectively. Watchfinder & Co., a luxury pre-owned watch retailer, chose Leach to create custom lightboxes and graphics for its “The Perfect Christmas” campaign.

Across seven stores, we manufactured custom lightboxes with interchangeable fabric graphics. This allowed Watchfinder to not only maximise the visibility of its premium gifts, but to instantly switch its campaign messaging once the Christmas rush gave way to the January sales.

An ultra-bright LED lightbox will deeply engage with your customers and draw attention to your seasonal promotions and products.

Specialist Printing

Large-format graphics allow you to create bespoke experiences in your retail environment. We recommend including 3D graphics, such as oversized gift boxes, Christmas trees and festive decor for an added touch of magic. These could be suspended from the ceiling, freestanding or anchored at locations around your store for a truly dynamic and exciting environment. 

At Leach, we use leading-edge technology, machinery and expertise to make illustrative and thoughtful display graphics. Spread Christmas joy with festive print that promotes your campaign and brand across your store. Customers will be in awe of your ‘winter wonderland’, encouraging them to return and make repeat purchases in the run-up to Christmas.


LED Neon Signs

Add a nostalgic flair to your Christmas campaigns with custom neon LED signs. Our bright yet energy-efficient range will uniquely illuminate your promotions, logo or festive messaging, drawing customers in to explore more.

Our 24v LED neon signs are tailored to any shape, typeface or design and offer extensive fixing options for added depth and detail. With a variety of vivid colours possible, achieved with a combination of coloured LEDs and coloured silicone dome tubing, you can easily nod to the shades of the season. 

Pair retro, neon signage with bold, modern, festive designs for a truly memorable attraction that will leave your neighbours on the high street longing. As customers browse your store, draw them towards holiday promotions with ultra-bright arrows and lettering, helping to increase spending as they head towards checkout. 

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are the silent navigators within your store. Floor vinyl graphics allow you to transform the expanse of your shop's under-foot space into a canvas for creativity. You can create eye-catching pathways to featured Christmas displays or lead shoppers to the areas where exclusive holiday collections are showcased - family PJ sets, anyone?!

Printed graphics can turn your store floor into a snowy pathway, a festive carpet of trinkets, or a whimsical holiday scene. These graphics captivate the imagination of customers, inspiring them to explore your store and discover its treasures.

Window Graphics

A stand-out retail display requires high-quality window graphics to push your seasonal promotion. Incorporate printed cling graphics alongside lightboxes and large-format graphics to showcase the available offers.

Our cling window graphics are a flexible solution that your employees can easily install when promotions begin. A vast range of colours, fonts, shapes and sizes can be accommodated to wrap up your Christmas display in a flash! 

Need inspiration? Gap’s remarkable Christmas window display uses stunning visuals to catch attention. With custom window graphics in festive shapes or slogans, you’ll give passersby a glimpse into the beauty beyond the glass.

Enhance Your Christmas Campaign with Custom Retail Displays

We know that the run-up to Christmas can be chaotic, but with Leach, your festive retail plans are in good hands. With fast turnaround times on our range of printed solutions and lightboxes, we are ready and waiting to deliver excellent results for your holiday campaign. 

Contact the Leach team to discover how we can transform your Christmas vision into reality today.