Using Lighting to Create Atmosphere

Lighting for Events, Exhibitions and Retail

While the pandemic pushed retailers, event organisers and exhibition planners to go virtual, the consecutive lockdowns also led to an increase in consumer appetite for in-person experiences. Pop-up shops, exclusive events and interactive exhibitions have boomed, with consumers now even more selective about where they spend their time and money.  Statistics have shown that over 55% of buyers still go to a shop in person to see, touch and feel items ahead of buying online, while 75% of event and exhibition visitors say they have an agenda before arriving. It’s clear that companies now need to work harder than ever to attract and retain their key customers, making visual displays a crucial part of success.

Let There Be Lighting

The design of a public space should be a holistic process created with the visitor journey in mind. When it comes to retail, events and exhibitions, brands need to communicate with their customers using a visual language, forming an atmosphere that reflects their values, story and key message.

“Light attracts people, it shows the way, and when we see it in the distance, we follow it,” says the renowned Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta. While our minds take time to understand images, colours and text, we can sense ambience almost immediately, connecting our present experience to our moods, emotions and memories. Selecting the right lighting can therefore help to engage with customers more deeply.

Ideas for Choosing Atmospheric Lighting

Whether you’re looking to refresh a retail space, prepare an event display or organise an exhibition showcase, being organised and creative with lighting choices can help to make a lasting impression.

  • Alternate Lighting Types – Consider how you want to divide or highlight different areas of your space and select lighting to suit. For example, low ambient lighting is ideal for setting a calming atmosphere, while accent or spotlighting will draw attention to products or displays.
  • Add an Innovative Lightbox – Lighting doesn’t just have to be about existing fixtures and bland bulbs. Illuminated displays can be created to suit specific dimensions and purposes using your company’s imagery and branding, resulting in a highly effective and memorable marketing tool. What’s more, their lightweight construction and flexibility mean that they can be used time and again, ideal for repeat events, new products or seasonal promotions.


A Brighter Future with Leach

As industry leaders in visual display creation, Leach understand the power of lighting within retail, event and exhibition spaces. Designed and made in-house by our team of professionals, our LED lightboxes and tension frames are produced to meet your unique needs and to reflect your company’s story and values. Get in touch with us to find out more.