Lighting the way with innovative lightboxes

As businesses look for more successful marketing methods, innovations in technology and research and development have enabled the creation of lightboxes – highly striking illuminated display units available in different dimensions and for a wide range of purposes.

With our years in the printing industry, Leach have become one of the leading designers and makers of lightboxes in the world. We have produced lightboxes and tension frames for a variety of sectors, from retail and museums to events and exhibitions, to form truly unique and engaging displays.

What are the Benefits of Lightboxes?

Leach lightboxes and tension frames systems provide ultra-bright LED illumination, high-definition graphics and a contemporary aluminium profile design to create an impactful statement display.

Working with our experienced designers, our clients have numerous options and complete control over the finished product. Suspended, recessed, interactive, dynamic and 3D lightboxes are just a handful of the possibilities, with every lightbox system manufactured in-house by our experts.

As well as their aesthetic appeal, our lightboxes are also renowned for their adaptabilityand longevity. The interchangeable graphic system means designs can easily be updated using the same frame, making them an ideal long-term investment and more eco-friendly than other display options.

The systems can be formatted to any specific size or shape and are designed to be easy to install and to take down, so they are perfect for exhibitions and events. Additional options such as glass or opal fronts offer a smooth and high-end finish to ensure the final display graphic has instant impact.

Which Sectors are Lightboxes Suitable for?

While we welcome enquiries from all industries, the striking appearance and innovative design of Leach lightboxes make them especially suitable for use in retail, museums, events and exhibitions.


The modern-day consumer is looking for more than a bargain on the high street – they want unique and memorable experiences, too. Retailers are responding by updating the look and performance of their stores and finding new ways to increase footfall. The sleek, professional and eye-catching appearance of Leach lightboxes make them ideal for leaving a lasting impression on customers.


In order to stay relevant and contemporary, the museum sector has had to become increasingly inventive and find more modern and interactive ways to engage with audiences. Thanks to the flexibility of their design and construction, our dynamic lightboxes are now a staple in the industry across the globe, adding a ‘wow factor’ to permanent and temporary exhibitions of all varieties.

Events and Exhibitions

As industries strive to return to normality after consecutive Covid-19 lockdowns, the events and exhibitions sector have needed to come up with fresh ways to attract visitors and stand out from the crowd. With more excitement and anticipation surrounding in-person occasions, our lightboxes can help entice and engage audiences as well as aiding businesses in boosting their brand image.
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