LED Neon Signs By Leach 

 Introducing Leach’s Latest Illuminating LED Collection

Introducing Leach's Latest Illuminating LEDS Collection

In any setting, first impressions count. Standing out amongst the crowd, making an impact and bringing flair to a setting are challenges many brands seek to resolve. Whether you want to transform an event, office interior or retail environment, LED neon signs are a cutting-edge display solution to engage with audiences.

Leach are leaders in print, lightbox and graphic production and are proud to expand its offering with custom LED neon signs and lettering. Our new collection is an energy-efficient and sustainable approach to traditional neon lights. Suitable for various applications, we expertly craft LED neon signs to your precise specifications.


What is Neon 1?

Neon 1 LED is a remarkable lighting solution that offers a plethora of possibilities. These LED neon signs are safe, robust, and low-voltage design ensures peace of mind. 24v LEDs are securely housed within a thick 8mm or 10mm acrylic back panel, further enhanced with vibrant coloured silicone domed covers. 

With an extensive selection of 20 vivid colours, the customisation options are boundless. The installation process is a breeze, as you can effortlessly hang, wall mount, or even house your neon creation in a sleek clear acrylic box, allowing for a freestanding display. 

What is Neon 30?

Leach’s Neon 30 is a 30mm LED block acrylic sign that can be precisely cut to recreate any font, brand image or design. Constructed with longevity in mind, they include strong 24v LED lights, allowing you to converse electricity when switched on. 

By applying translucent vinyl to the face, our Neon 30 signs and lettering can be made in various engaging face colours. Perfectly bespoke to your needs, these LED neon signs are an excellent point of sales tool for interior and exterior use. 

Benefits of Custom LED Neon Signage

Endless Design Opportunities

Neon 30 and Neon LED are versatile solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Using CNC manufacturing, we can precisely cut the acrylic needed to any shape, typeface or design crafted. Whether you want a logo, inspirational quotes or wayfinding arrows, LED neon signs will create a lasting impact in any setting. 

Leach’s experienced designers will work closely to understand your ideas and help bring them to life with a bespoke end product.  

Extensive Fixing Options

Experience the effortless installation of Neon 30 as it easily mounts on walls or pre-mounts onto various back panel solutions, providing flexibility and versatility. At Leach, our Neon LED signs can be fixed in a hanging panel, perspex box or caged face to give your space a retro, industrial flare.

Inspire your visitors with a botanical-themed setting using our Neon LED signs which we can easily fit over foliage or moss. We can also ensure no fixings are seen with stand-off locators or use wall studs to add depth and a glowing effect from behind the sign. 

Energy-Efficient Alternative 

Our LED neon collection is powered by 24v LED lights, a long-lasting, energy-saving alternative to traditional neon lighting. Due to its energy efficiency, LED neon signs and letterings reduce your carbon impact whilst driving high-quality results. 

LED lighting is a part of Leach’s mission for sustainability, which we exclusively use in our market-leading lightboxes

Photo-Worthy Marketing

A trendy LED neon sign is an effective marketing tool for any sector wanting to improve its brand awareness. A unique design, brand logo or slogan can attract visitors to your setting and encourage them to share photos on their social media platforms. 

This form of user-generated content allows you to reach new audiences effortlessly and benefit from free social media advertising.

Ignite Your Creativity with Leach

LED neon signs are an attractive, versatile solution that illuminates businesses and connects with your target audience. As industry leaders, Leach will support you in producing a show-stopping creation that reflects your brand identity and values. Contact us today to find out more about Neon 1 neon and Neon 30.