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What does large-format printing really mean and importantly, how does it add customer value?

Did you know that the average person is exposed to hundreds – if not thousands – of large-format print variations each and every week?

From whole wall coverings and retail advertisements, to floor graphics and construction site hoarding, this super-scaled display method is largely responsible for the advertising, information, and advisory communications we have become so accustomed to seeing on a day-to-day basis.

Though a prominent part of our daily lives, many fail to appreciate the value such displays propose, so here we explore the question, what does large-format printing really mean and how does it add customer value?

What is large-format printing? 

Large-format printing – also known as wide-format or super-wide format printing – refers to any project that requires specialist sized print technologies to meet the size requirements in question. Think building wraps, music festivals and sports branding.

A company’s ability to print large-format enables the production of large, single-piece seamless display graphics that create a real talking-point across all sectors including retail, exhibition, construction, sport, interiors and more. The bigger the graphic, the bigger the potential for impact, and Leach is proud to be one of few companies with a 5-metre print capability under our belt.

Leach’s investment into the highest quality, 5m printer available – the Durst Rho 512R – brought our printing capabilities to a whole new level. The Durst prints onto almost any roll media up to 70 metres long x 5 metres wide using UV cured inkjet technology, allowing us to produce huge, high-precision single-piece display graphics, that are guaranteed to make an impact within our client’s environments.

How does large-format print add customer value?

Large-format graphics are a communications vehicle with the opportunity to have a huge branding and engagement benefit across all industries.

For retailers in particular it is growingly important to create an immersive experience that not only draws in passing footfall, but one that also engages the customer throughout their shopping journey once inside – which is where large-format print comes into play. Big and bold store displays in the form of wallcovering’s, XL lightboxes and window vinyl graphics will all have a role in encouraging repeat customers through your doors.

Though often overlooked as an advertising opportunity, we’re increasingly seeing building contractors utilise the blank canvases available during construction developments by renting their enormous advertising space to other firms, or even to showcase their own up-coming project to the masses. The large-scale branding opportunities presented by the construction sector are considerable, with the message on the likes of a building wrap guaranteed to be seen by hundreds of people each day.

Standing out from the crowd at any trade fair or exhibition is key to a successful event. A HD quality, large-format exhibition stand made up of Leach’s impressive XL lightboxes and vibrant graphics will not only capture the attention of the event’s visitors, but also set the tone for the standard of products or services you have to offer.

Having worked within the museum and heritage sector for over 70 years, Leach recognise the importance of keeping your audience engaged. Seamless whole-wall coverings and vinyl floor graphics create a captivating environment for visitors to get lost in. The impact created by large-format display and informative graphics is unmatched and is sure to inspire your visitors time and time again.

The over-arching value of large-format print is the atmosphere and experience it can create for the end-customer. If a business, retailer, visitor attraction or heritage site can provide their customers and guests with an unforgettable experience or message, they are guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression which encourages not only repeat custom, but also word-of-mouth recommendations. 

For more information regarding Leach’s print capabilities and capacity, or to find out how we can enhance your next print project, get in touch today.