Middle East Investing to Showcase their Heritage

The economies of Middle East countries are forecast to grow, with renewed interest from foreign investors as the region emerges into a post pandemic period.

Keeping pace with this growth is the Middle East’s drive to define itself as a hub of culture and a leading destination for cultural tourism. The museums and institutions that have been built to hold and display this heritage are continuing to capture the world’s attention.

The new home of the National Museum of Qatar opened in 2019 while Dubai’s innovative National Museum of the Future was unveiled to the public earlier this year.

Along with the Dubai Frame and the Burj Khalifa Hotel, the region is determined to demonstrate how it sets and then exceeds its own architectural challenges.

Our Admiration

Here at Leach, we are full of admiration not only for their pioneering approach to cultural institutes but also for the style and imagination used to achieve what they have done.

They have shown that museums do not have to be housed in imposing historical edifices in order to inspire and impress visitors.

We have worked on large projects in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman so we have witnessed the importance attached to honouring their culture by investing in these museums and galleries.

Our Philosophy

Leach has a similar philosophy of pride in our own history as a company with over 130 years of experience.

With our vast experience in the museums industry, our team has the know-how to craft new innovative products for museums and visitor attractions whatever brief we are given.

We have supplied a wide range of products to the Middle East, working to provide graphic solutions to the toughest and most exacting of requirements.

The Middle East institutes only want the most innovative and specialised solutions and, at Leach, we have the ability to manufacture and supply them.



The products that have been developed and used for these ambitious projects are:

Resin Floor

  • Durable, luxe finish
  • Versatile finish
  • Large scale
  • Design opportunities are endless 


  • Orion is an etched Corian product that can be customised in several different designs.
  • Etched and infilled with resin
  • Raised lettering, creating an embossed effect
  • Illuminated
  • Metallic/slate/stone finishes
  • Interactive

Interactive lightbox

  • Bring images to life
  • Premium print with illumination and AV technology
  • Can be triggered by movement
  • Match the lightshow to audio
  • Spotlights can illuminate certain sections in sequence
  • Cost effective compared to digital panels

Glass lightboxes

  • Glass fronted lightbox
  • Can be illuminated
  • Perfect for luxury finish
  • Great interchangeable graphics system (keep it looking fresh)
  • Great alternative for usual display units

Eco Vault

  • Strong and rigid, used externally and internally
  • Durable in extreme weather (perfect for the high temperatures and desert conditions)                                   
  • UV Resistant; 10-year warranty
  • Eco friendly
  • Available in a wide range of finishes; matt, gloss and textured.

Our Services

We not only have the manufacturing capabilities to create specialised solutions, but we have an experienced team of experts to support projects from start to finish.

We can provide artworking that helps bring projects to life and our technical drawings ensure that projects run seamlessly.

And because we understand the importance of getting things right, our teams can provide samples and prototypes so that our clients are fully informed about any aspect of the project.

Although we manufacture our products in-house in Yorkshire, we install them all over the world, so distance is no issue.

We bring the same care and attention to the quality and workmanship wherever our client is located.

So, it does not matter if you are in Dubai or Doncaster, just get in touch and let our passion for creative visions help colour your world.