Illuminate Your World: Lightboxes, Frames and Graphics

As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive and audiences seek the most original of ideas, companies from all sectors now need new and more innovative options for their promotional needs.

Leach lightboxes, frames and graphics combine cutting edge technology, high quality materials, and imaginative designs to create solutions that are bigger, bolder, and brighter than your competitors.

Custom designed and manufactured in-house to the highest specifications, we have become one the world’s leading producers of high-definition, flexible display systems suitable for a range of uses.

For a solution with immediate impact and stunning quality, Leach lightboxes give star appeal to any display. Expertly made to your specifications and with a wide choice of styles, shapes, and sizes available, our lightboxes bring together the best in HD display graphics and vivid LED illumination. 

  • Choose from a wide range of dynamic and interactive designs customised to your brand.
  • Different light levels to suit your needs, including the option of a dimmer for full control.
  • Can be formatted into various structures including 3D, curved, and suspended designs.
  • Suitable for any shape or size of display, with a selection of profile depths available.
  • Lightweight materials, easy to transport, simple to install, and compact enough to store.

Tension Frames

Highly versatile and tailored to the specific dimensions of a given space, Leach tension frames can be adapted to enhance the aesthetics and guarantee the safety of either a lightbox or a graphic display. Constructed with flexibility and longevity in mind, they can also be repurposed for future designs.

  • The non-illuminated option provides an easy display system with no need for electrics.
  • Manufactured to any shape or size with 3D, curved, and suspended designs available.
  • Ideal for pop-ups, exhibitions, and events as they can easily be stored and transported.
  • Interchangeable graphics giving you endless options and a long-term investment.


From award-winning and prestigious heritage organisations to globally recognised and high-end brands, Leach graphics are as versatile as they are pioneering and memorable. Using state-of-the-art designing and printing techniques, choose from a growing selection of materials to suit your project. 

  • Printed graphics with a silicon edge using dye-sublimated and UV printing methods.
  • Choose from backlit and non-illuminated graphics for greater flexibility and originality.
  • Ideal for use in tandem with our varied selection of lightboxes and tension frames.
  • All graphics are produced in-house by our experienced team of print-production experts.

Case Study – All Saints

Another of our success stories has been supporting the fashion retailer All Saints. With over five decades of experience in the industry, Leach were able to provide expert advice with modernising the brand’s in-store environment to reflect their forward-thinking ethos. We came up with a fabric graphic system that was both flexible and cost effective, providing a range of striking imagery that could easily be updated with a simple installation process. The designs put the spark back into All Saints’ retail environments and proved highly popular with both colleagues and customers.


Case Study – BMW

As industry leaders, Leach have developed a diverse portfolio of successful projects for a broad range of clients. Having established a long-term working relationship with Principle Global, we welcomed the opportunity to provide graphics for a 5-year contract to rebrand BMW and MINI showrooms, which took place as part of the global rollout of the Future Retail dealer showroom concept. Alongside high impact window friezes and wall vinyls, we created a series of internal lightbox graphics that pushed the limits of size, slimness, and brilliance to exceptional effect

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