How visual identity can make or break an event

With events and exhibitions having finally returned to their pre-lockdown popularity, businesses are looking for ever more inventive ways to educate and engage their target audiences in-person. Visual displays offer brands the opportunity to create a compelling event experience, transforming and illuminating spaces to help them stand out from competitors and form a memorable impression.

As industry experts in events, retail and construction, Leach have supported a wide range of companies by reflecting their brand identity and stories in an innovative and eye-catching manner. Here are just a few of our top tips for making the most of your event or exhibition display.

Do… Plan Your Graphic Elements

When preparing your display, it’s worthwhile considering which logos and colours you want to use in your graphic elements and what impression they’ll give to visitors. An event or exhibition display can offer a variety of options, from ‘walls’ and standing props to floor coverings and illuminations. For example, you could play around with your logo’s dimensions to create a repeating pattern in a floor vinyl or choose imagery and colours reflecting your brand identity to use within a striking lightbox.

Don’t… Think Within The Box

Event and exhibition displays take time, money and effort to create, and it can be tempting to make shortcuts. However, as visuals are responsible for first impressions and are linked to memory, your company’s display choices need to be creative, innovative and engaging to get the maximum return on your investment. Think how you can use your logo and graphics in new ways, perhaps by adding an interactive element such as QR codes, using cutting-edge materials or making them sustainable.

Do… Represent Your Values

Modern-day consumers are looking for more than just products and services – they want companies who understand their backgrounds, lifestyles and needs. Using visuals to highlight your values can be a great way to reflect the individuality of your brand, build loyalty with your key customers and show how you differ from your competitors. Areas such as sustainability, inclusivity and accessibility are especially worth promoting when you’re taking part in an event or exhibition.

Don’t… Dispose of Your Display

When deciding on a visual display for an event or exhibition, it’s worthwhile considering its longevity and choosing components that can be repurposed. Not only will this help the planet, but it will make your investment go further, too. Lightboxes can be updated with new graphics and are lightweight and easy to transport, making them useful for meetings, presentations, training or even recruitment.

Reflecting Your Business with Show-stopping Creations

When it comes to growing your company, events and exhibitions can be a fantastic way to connect with your target audience – but only if you have a spectacular and memorable visual display. Our experienced team will work with you to produce a show-stopping creation that reflects the identity, history and values of your business. Contact us today to find out more.