How To Create an All-Encompassing Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the heart of every successful business. By paying close attention to every possible interaction that a customer has throughout their journey, your business can enhance its overall perception and reputation.

Here are a few ways businesses are unleashing their creative vision to deliver all-encompassing customer experiences:

Visuals: How to Be Human

Visuals are the key to building a deeper connection between your customers and your brand. In addition to developing a familiarity with your target audience that leads the way to loyalty, visuals can be used to humanise your brand voice and define what makes your brand unique.

Masterminded by Base Design, Ace & Tate’s latest sunglasses campaign is attracting attention for all the right reasons. Rather than promoting any of its actual products, the brand showcases its evocative personality by featuring unretouched portraits of people screwing up their eyes as they’re caught in beams of sunlight.

The visuals speak for themselves – by putting emphasis on the functionality of sunglasses rather than their aesthetic, Ace & Tate demonstrate a clear grasp of their target market.



Surroundings: How to Show You Care About Customer Experience

Whether they’re attending a shop, a museum or an event, customers have come to expect a frictionless in-store experience.

Customer experience should always be at the forefront of design and innovation and, with a multitude of creative solutions on offer, there are unlimited ways to create unique, engaging moments that will drive customers through your door.

Selfridges continues to lead the way in the pursuit of customer experience excellence with the introduction of a new sex and sleep wellbeing pop-up, as well as the unveiling of a new Formula One experience at its London flagship store.

By focusing their efforts on improving the in-store experience for customers, Selfridges demonstrates its commitment to the vision that a department store should be a destination in itself. This approach has contributed to Selfridges’ ongoing success despite the decline of the high street.

Physicals: How to Represent Your Values

Your core values shape your company culture and impact your business strategy. When mapping out your customer experience, ensure that these values are consistent and evident across all touchpoints in order to earn the loyalty of your customers and establish your business as a "customer first" entity.

Supermarket giants, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco, have put their company values into action recently by making shopping more accessible for customers with additional needs. The introduction of a dedicated ‘quiet hour’ offers shoppers who are elderly, disabled or have young children, a calmer shopping experience.

The supermarket ‘quiet hours’ have been recognised as an important first-step to retail inclusivity and serve as a good source of inspiration for business leaders looking to create accessible and enjoyable customer experiences for all.

Leach: Your Customer Experience Guide

Do you want to give your customers an experience-driven reason to interact with your business?

Whether you’re looking to transform your space with eco-friendly materials that demonstrate your sustainability values or to cultivate a more inclusive customer experience with quality braille, we are here to realise your creative vision