Changing the Face of British Retail

The traditional high street has seen a rapid decline over the past few years, with over 8,700 chain stores closing in the first six months of 2021. But while the way we shop may have changed for good, consumers are still craving in-person experiences.

Shops are now transforming into showrooms offering much more than just products. The modern high street is now about exclusivity, luxury, and creativity. Companies are hosting events, brands are launching pop-ups, and the world of retail is blossoming.

Customer care has also developed, merging online and offline shopping for an improved service, and stores are expanding to offer multiple products through concessions. The power of visual marketing has evolved, too, with increasingly inventive ways of attracting consumers.

Out with the Old, In with the New

The high street has never been renowned for its state-of-the-art spaces, but that is quickly changing. Stores are now being redeveloped into airy, open environments where customers feel comfortable and can spend more time enjoying themselves.

The new breed of bold and eye-catching graphic displays invite, inform, and inspire shoppers, and can be customised to reflect brands and promotions. Our Leach lightboxes are the ideal choice for engaging imagery and offer a variety of innovative options, from our 3D column lightboxes to our interactive, dynamic lightboxes.

Boost Your Branding

Whether you’re a trusted global retailer or a small local start-up, the key to success in the modern market is effective branding. In a recent Consumer Culture Report by 5W Public Relations, around 71% of shoppers said they preferred to buy from brands aligned with their personal values.

Our high quality Titan wallpaper creates a lasting impression in any size or shape of retail space, and can be produced up to 5 metres high by 20 metres wide. Cling window graphics are another popular option offering flexibility and versatility for temporary promotions.

Conscious Consumerism

Every industry has a responsibility to protect the planet wherever possible, and the retail sector is no exception. Customers are more conscious about the impact of their purchases, increasingly favouring brands that demonstrate a commitment to eco concerns.

Leach’s innovative eco range enables retailers to achieve the same stunning graphics without harming the environment. Our eco material range is suitable for a wide range of advertising and marketing needs, from POS graphics manufactured on our fully recyclable Dispa to campaign imagery printed on our eco screens made from 100% recycled yarn.  

Innovation and Collaboration

Another advantage to the changing face of retail is the possibility for new inventions and creative partnerships. At Leach, we work with retailers to provide bespoke solutions and a complete service. Thanks to our diverse team of experts, we can support businesses with:

  • Surveying and advising on design solutions.
  • Prototyping and sampling of original ideas.
  • A complete design service including artworking and mock-ups.
  • Manufacturing products in-house with full quality control.
  • A quick and conscientious installation process.


For more information on our retail products and services, please contact our team.

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