Innovative solutions for sustainable printing

Following the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow this year, many businesses have pledged to become more eco-conscious in their processes and products. Larger UK firms are also working towards reduced carbon emissions to meet the 2050 national net zero target.

The government is also encouraging UK businesses of all sizes to join the One Step Greener initiative, but while this will help the environment, it may also put many companies under financial pressure to reduce budgets for areas such as marketing, which has already been affected by the pandemic.

However, thanks to the rise of green marketing, there is a range of options that can help businesses engage their target audience, promote their eco-awareness, and actively help to protect the planet.

Leading the Way in Eco Innovation

As long-established experts in designing imaginative and engaging displays, Leach are committed to offering environmentally friendly options that are original, efficient, and cost effective, from our eye-catching lightboxes and recyclable fabric graphics to our green hoarding wraps.

As our portfolio grows, we welcome the opportunity to create custom designs for a variety of requirements and sectors, including retail, museums, events and exhibitions. We also believe in extending our environmental commitment across our business and are proud to use:

  • FSC Certified recycled paper in our offices
  • Electric car charging ports for our staff
  • Pallets made from 98% recycled wood
  • 100% renewable electricity

Our Sustainable Solutions

By focusing on sustainability, our team have been able to transform existing products into even more memorable display designs. One of our most coveted is our eco-friendly lightbox, made from fully recyclable materials with LED technology and sensors to reduce energy usage by up to 30%.

Another option is our eco screens, providing an ideal solution for customer-focused settings and visitor attractions. Crafted from 100% recycled yarn, the screens can be custom made to suit any size and style of design, with high-definition graphic printing guaranteed to make an impact. With 95% of our inks being water-based, the production process is also kept as green and as safe as possible.

Benefits to Your Business

During our long history, Leach have always strived to provide a helpful, passionate and honest service, which has inspired us every step of the way in the creation of our eco range. Our in-house specialists use cutting-edge materials and techniques to provide high quality eco-friendly products that can be tailored to your unique needs. Through collaboration, we can create exceptional results.

With budgets at the forefront of all our minds, we are also focused on cost-efficient solutions for every business, and our friendly team will always be on hand to help you through the process.

Discover the best sustainable design solutions for your needs by browsing our website or contact us directly for further information. Simply complete our online contact form or call +44 1484 551200.