An Inside Perspective: Fit Outs and Interiors

Businesses are in a constant state of evolution, from developing products and services to updating target audience segments and marketing strategies. Part of this process may include changing an interior space – whether it’s an office or shop, a museum or school – to better suit the needs of its users.

 A commercial fit out involves updating an interior to ensure it not only supports the people using the space but also reflects the business it belongs to. With the pandemic having transformed the way we live, work and study, improving the design of where we spend our time has become even more vital.

How Interiors Affect a Space

Fitting out an interior is not only about aesthetics: it also needs to convey a clear message about its users. With the right design and details, interiors can contribute to a positive atmosphere, promote a feeling of team spirit, and enable tasks and activities to be performed with optimum productivity.

Using a unique range of innovative and high quality products, Leach specialise in tailored solutions for a variety of fit out project requirements. From floors and windows to ceilings and walls, we can help define a space from top to bottom with features that are effective, durable, and adaptable.

  • Educational Spaces – Albert Einstein once said, “I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” Schools, colleges, and universities should encourage both academic and personal development. Just as uniforms and insignia foster feelings of pride, confidence, and community, the right interiors can also promote a sense of inclusivity and belonging.
  • Museums and Heritage – For museums, galleries, exhibitions, and other heritage settings, interiors are crucial to bringing the past to life. Fit outs can take advantage of every surface to create powerful displays that promote learning and inspire the imagination of visitors.
  • Shops and Retail – With the rise of online shopping, retailers are updating their interior spaces to enhance the experience for their customers. Pop-ups and events have also become more popular, with strong branding even more important for long-term success.


Innovative Interiors with Leach

At Leach, we have not only the industry expertise but also the creativity to reimagine and transform interior spaces. Working with sectors including heritage, retail, sports, and exhibitions, our team have provided successful fit outs for a wide variety of businesses in locations across the world.

For these kinds of Category B interior fit outs, effective preparation is essential. With the expertise of our team, we can support your development from start to finish with a turnkey solution that takes the stress and demands out of project planning. From artwork and prototypes to manufacturing and installation, we have experts in all areas and will always be on hand for advice during the process.

  • Flooring – Often an overlooked surface in interiors, floors are ideal for displaying impactful branding designs. At Leach, we have a wide range of solutions to fit any size and type of inside space for medium or long-term use, including Floor Vinyl, G Floor, and Print Flooring.
  • Walls – These usually take up the most space and are the first thing people notice, so why not make the most of them? With Leach, the options are almost endless, from lightboxes and tension frames with interchangeable graphics to Titan wallcoverings, which can be applied seamlessly to any surface and feature high quality printed branding or imagery.
  • Windows – Take advantage of every surface with our choice of window graphics. Our clear window vinyls create maximum impact without reducing natural light, while our innovative Contra Vision option allows you to create brand awareness as well as control your privacy.

Finding the Right Fit Out Company

At Leach, we are committed to helping businesses like yours to unleash your creative vision. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and honest advice along with producing high quality large format display products, ideal for your latest interior design update or fit out. Contact us for details.