Making the most of your office space

While working from home became a practical solution during the pandemic, a reopening of offices is a growing trend with corporate giants Apple, Google and Twitter having already revealed their plans for a return to the workspace.

Recent data supports this trend with workspace occupancy recently reaching more than 27% in the UK, the highest since March 2020. At Leach, we believe this is a great opportunity for employers to give some thought to the office environment and the spaces that their people are going back to.

One concept now being highlighted in these post-pandemic times is the importance of good office design, making it a place where great work gets done, friendships are formed and where the often-maligned water cooler moment transforms that struggling project.

We believe that an office should be a place of creativity, collaboration and communication. And we know exactly how to make that happen. We can enhance workspaces to produce an impressive experience for visiting clients and inspire the people who work there.

Utilise All Your Surfaces

Ceilings and floors are often forgotten during the design process, and they should not be. Those spaces serve as a large canvas for branding and creativity. We offer a wide variety of floor graphics to suit any requirement. Our wall graphics range includes our popular Titan wallpaper. Titan is a high quality, flexible material that can conform to flat or curved wall spaces.

Combine Aesthetic Design with Practicality

Bringing together a design feature which is both strong on the aesthetics and has a practical purpose can be an ideal solution. For example, acoustic baffles hung from the ceiling in a variety of designs, add a sleek look to an environment whilst bringing noise-reducing properties. Soundproofing rooms foster employee collaboration and focus by creating a quieter workspace. If you are looking for a solution to create privacy, our Contravision is designed just for that. It has a one-way vision system that allows light in but keeps prying eyes out. It also provides shade from the heat and glare from the sun. Contravision can be printed meaning you can incorporate opportunities for advertising and branding.

Use Eco-materials

Redesigning your office can also give you the ideal opportunity to work on your corporate and social responsibility and boost your green credentials by using eco-materials. Leach is committed to building a sustainable future and our in-house specialists have developed a range of green products. Eco Titan has the look and feel of wallpaper, with the advantage that there are no join lines to spoil the finished look. It means you can represent your values in your office, create a talking point for clients and customers and give your team something to be proud of.

Office designs that reinforce company culture can boost team spirit. Your office represents your company to visitors and to your staff. And staff will feel like the company cares about them if it invests in improving their working environment – and that can only be a good thing.

We can help you to celebrate what makes your business or organisation special. We can enable you to show people how much you understand and value office design and, in that way, impress and inspire them. So, get in touch, it is as simple as that.