Why OOH signage is a marketer’s secret weapon

From billboards to buildings, printed ads cut through the digital noise

There is a huge mixture of channels available to the modern marketer in 2023. But whilst most of the options clamouring for a marketer’s attention and budget are digital, here at Leach, we see a surge of brands investing heavily in printed OOH (out-of-home) marketing campaigns. 

According to Clear Channel, “Consumers are desensitised to online advertising and TV/radio ads, due to the frequency at which exposure occurs. OOH, on the other hand, puts brands in front of people in situations where they are not constantly being bombarded by other ads, making it easier for the creative to cut through.” Yet despite its impactful potential, Printpower.eu reported that in 2022, OOH advertising consumed only 3.4% share of the overall UK advertising expenditure. 

There’s clear opportunities for forward-thinking marketers to be the dominating voice of an often overlooked, unsaturated medium, so here are some spaces we think your print should be shouting in.

Airport terminals & lounges

Airports can offer very lucrative ad placement opportunities with exposure to thousands of consumers each day. Those waiting for flights are not only a captive audience for an extended period of time, but are usually enjoying a pre-holiday good mood. This makes them especially receptive to an alluring marketing message or two from B2C brands. 

Airport lounges, meanwhile, are often the reserve of many an affluent traveller as well as corporate decision-makers with big buying power. Although a little more expensive to secure, lounges offer hefty ROI potential to any marketer willing to own the space. 

Take advantage of an airport’s possibilities with a large-format ad or a bright, illuminated lightbox printed and installed by Leach. You’ll soon be sure to see a princely payback from those frequent flyers. Bonus points go to airport OOH advertisers whose products can be found in duty-free as passengers stroll to the gate!


Sports Stadiums 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a space that attracts more eyeballs than a sports stadium. Amassing thousands of avid fans, spectators can be exposed to pitch or ring-side adverts for many hours at a time, generating plenty of opportunities for your marketing message to strike a chord and stimulate those sales. And when the stadium plays host to a memorable victory, your brand becomes subconsciously associated with the dopamine rush those spectators feel. Moreover, the “drip-drip” effect of regular exposure to a brand at weekly matches can increase its recall factor at the precise time the audience is in the market to buy. 

Get a piece of the action with stadium-savvy signage from Leach. Everything from feather flags, walkway signage, bridge banners, informational totems and ticket cabin signs can be custom-made, printed and installed by our team. And our ceremony signs and podium backdrops will likely nab you the added bonus of some TV coverage!

Building Wraps & Hoardings

Not only a practical way to conceal messy scaffolding, insulate exposed buildings and contain the spread of dust, wraps and hoarding offers fantastic opportunities to advertise to audiences en-masse. So large you can’t fail to take notice, the sides of buildings, bridges and even shipping containers are a key way to pack a punch with your brand. 

Usually located in population-dense areas, OOH building wraps are effective at grabbing the attention of passing commuters and city-dwellers, who typically will consume the ad daily as they go about their lives and business in the local area. This high-visibility space will elevate your brand awareness, recall and campaign ROI.  

Leach can dress any large structure with a range of durable, weather-resistant fabrics with high-resolution printed finishes. Our wind-proof mesh banners and tear-resistant woven polyester fabrics are ideal for external use in large-scale advertising applications. 

The Power of OOH Print

A well-placed OOH print campaign is undoubtedly a powerful way to attract digitally fatigued consumers, especially the 58% who told Two Sides Trend Tracker 2023 that they no longer pay attention to online adverts. In this increasingly digital world, print’s bold, eye-catching, physical presence has a lot to offer marketers. With such a compelling (and uncrowded) channel ready to be harnessed, don’t let your message fall flat. Be sure to follow JCDecaux's top tips for a successful OOH campaign. 

As the UK’s leading supplier of high-impact, large-format printing, we’ve decked out many an airport terminal, lounge, sports ground and construction site with adverts that cut through the noise. We’re ready to bring your OOH vision to life, so contact our team today to unleash your secret weapon!