Visual Trends for 2022

The pandemic has changed the way we work, socialise, shop and relax. Nine-to-five office-based jobs have been replaced by hybrid working, our high streets have had to find new ways to encourage footfall, and events and exhibitions have had to adapt to social distancing and visitor expectations.

As we plan for a more hopeful year ahead, we are beginning to see exciting opportunities in these challenges. From transforming retail spaces and live events to promoting sustainability and bringing the outdoors in, the sky really is the limit when it comes to visual trends for 2022.

Sustainability and Eco Products

 Recent years have shown that sustainability is here to stay across all industries. But with markets oversaturated by heavy competition for consumer attention, it can be difficult to decide how to express your business’s visual messaging in a way that represents your sustainability strategy.

Visual displays provide the perfect opportunity to showcase not only your brand identity but also your eco-friendly ethos with an inventive selection of sustainable options. At Leach, our eco range has evolved to offer even more options for high-quality graphics that are durable and long-lasting.

Natural Imagery and Biophilic Design

This interior design trend has also become important for a range of sectors including retail, leisure, museums and galleries, and even offices. Artificial lighting is being replaced by natural illumination sources to make environments less corporate and more welcoming.

As technology continues to infiltrate all aspects of our lives, ‘artificial nature’ is being incorporated into visual displays. With endless possibilities and the emotional results just as effective as spending time outside, this trend looks set to continue to blossom.

Leach lightboxes not only provide adjustable levels of light but also highly visual graphic displays. Their strong and lightweight construction means they can be suspended or attached to ceilings and walls to illuminate a space, while HD immersive graphics bring natural imagery indoors.

Innovative and Multifunctional Spaces

More is more when it comes to boosting your brand and engaging your audience. The heritage sector is showcasing more of their collections with new exhibitions, retailers are providing pop-ups and in-store events, and offices are re-evaluating their spaces as people return to work.

In-person environments and events now need to offer creativity and versatility to stand out. From dynamic lightboxes and tension frames to floor graphics and integrated systems, Leach’s product range can quickly and easily transform any space.

Successful Solutions with Leach

With our decades of experience and impactful previous projects for a variety of companies, our committed team can help your business to attract and engage with your target audience.
We can provide:

  • Bespoke surveys to provide ideas and suggestions using our industry expertise.
  • Mock-ups and renders by our dedicated design team to help your ideas come to life.
  • On-site manufacturing and production of products to ensure high quality control.
  • An expert installation team to coordinate the process with care and efficiency.

Contact us to find out more about Leach products and services.

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