When Vauxhall needed a partner to roll out it's 2013 Corporate Identity into its showrooms, Leach was the natural choice

The Brief

The 2013 Corporate Identity change presented a great opportunity for Vauxhall to freshen up the look of their dealerships. With most showrooms having large amounts of wall space, especially at high level, the existing magnetic graphics did not scale up easily to fill the space available, and tended to look a little ‘lost’.

Vauxhall’s marketing team had been impressed with the slim-line but large tension fabric system implemented by their German sister brand, Opel, but wanted an experienced UK-based supplier to deliver the concept and join the multi-disciplinary team delivering the rebrand.

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Leach's Role Included:

  • Vision frames
  • Fabric graphics
  • Installation
  • Technical consultancy
  • Artwork management


The Result

We quickly proved to Vauxhall that our Vison fabric frame system and fabric graphics were more than a match for the German system. Specifically, our flexible ink UV inkjet fabric graphic reproduced colours more accurately and sharply than the alternative dye sublimation product.

Thereafter, it was a question of collaborating with Vauxhall to establish a process for tracking orders from the dealerships, co-ordinating installations and establishing a database, as the project rolls out to all 376 dealerships over a two year period.

“The fabric faced graphics look fantastic. The impact really works well in the showroom environment. Dramatic change. Huge, huge difference to our previous graphic scheme”

- Neil Jefferys, Vauxhall Retail Marketing Manager