The Spanish Gallery

The Spanish Gallery tells the story of the Golden Age of Spanish Art

The Brief

The Spanish Gallery tells the story of the Golden Age of Spanish Art. The paintings and sculptures

on display, by Velázquez, Murillo, Zurbarán and El Greco are some of the most significant artworks in the world.

The Auckland Project’s plan is to revitalise the market town of Bishop Auckland through art, faith and heritage. The Spanish Gallery is just one part of the project.

In creating the Spanish Gallery, the Auckland Project transformed an old Victorian bank and school into an immersive theatrical experience designed to astonish, entertain and amaze visitors.

We were fortunate enough to be chosen to supply the graphics package for the project. Using Studio MB’s designs, we manufactured and installed the elements at the Gallery.

The vision of Studio MB and The Auckland Project was very specific. Therefore, we ensured that we maintained constant communication between all involved parties to produce the best outcome for everyone.

The Solution

We ensured that budget and timeline were at the forefront of everyone’s minds when making decisions. We furthered this desire for perfection by completing multiple rounds of sampling and prototyping, aiming only for perfection. In doing this, we ensured the client got the finish and overall result that they required.

We created some specialised solutions for the project that pushed the boundaries of our manufacturing capabilities. We produced 3D illuminated etched acrylic structures and an interactive lightbox. Our design team worked diligently to create these new products and knew we would be able to achieve the results expected due to our experience in developing complex solutions.

The interactive lightbox was a true test of our team’s skills as this project wasn’t straightforward. We overcome a lot of hurdles through experimentation and teamwork. Initially, the client had considered using a large digital screen to create an animated narrative to an audio description however, this would have been extremely expensive and wouldn’t have had the visual impact of a solution like the one we came up with.

We worked with the client on-site, tweaking and editing the program until it was exactly how they envisaged it. Our control technology allowed for very delicate adjustments and made the process very customizable enabling us to keep it as close to the original concept as possible.

Our team’s collaborative efforts are celebrated in this project and our passion for innovative is reflected in the specialised solutions we have been able to manufacture. Leach is proud to provide services to museums and other heritage projects across the globe, we have been creating a world of colour for over 130 years.


“There are a few things in this project that wouldn’t have really happened, certainly not the way that they have done, without that Leach/Studio MB relationship.”

Stuart Fraser – Senior 2D Designer, Studio MB