The Science Museum, London

On Exhibition Road in the heart of London’s South Kensington

The Project

The Science Museum stands proud on Exhibition Road in the heart of London’s South Kensington. Since opening its doors in 1857, it remains one of the city’s major tourist attractions with 3.3 million visitors annually. The museum is home to award-winning exhibitions and houses over 300,000 items over five floors, meaning this project had to stand out and align with the quality already present.

Having worked within the museum and heritage sector for over 60 years, Leach has the skills, experience and industry understanding to deliver high-quality graphics – however big or small the requirements. Each and every graphic produced by Leach was manufactured in-house by our skilled and experienced team, and our dedicated project managers ensured that the client’s objectives across time, quality and budget were met.

Leach worked collaboratively with the Science Museum and tapped into our years of expertise to help guide them towards the best quality visual experience. Leach produced and installed over 100 graphics; ranging from large format wall wrap and birch faced ply panels to small format fret cut lettering and vinyls.

Ongoing covid restrictions provided some difficulties but did not stop the project going forward. The display itself was created whilst staff worked from home. Communication was key; regular, open conversation was paramount to this success of this project. With changes happening right up until the last minute, Leach’s production and installation team had to remain responsive and flexible throughout.

The Result

With high expectations and strict regulations, Leach’s legacy of world class service followed through, and the results of the project speak for themself.

This is the first significant UK exhibition to be presented on the subject of carbon capture. The exhibition will run from March 2021 until September 2022. Leach is honoured to have been part of a project that highlights the importance of innovation in achieving a more sustainable planet.

The display is part of a package of measures announced by the Science Museum Group this year to address the climate emergency, including a target to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2033. The UK has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050 and as planet we are shifting towards sustainability.

With this, businesses across the world are beginning to embrace sustainability and understand the importance of its incorporation into the industry. Leach is continuing to make steps to discover where and how we can become more sustainable as company. From small steps such as introducing the use of 100% recycled paper across our office to expanding our range to offer eco-conscious products. At Leach, we believe in the importance of everyone doing their part.

Climate change is a global problem, that requires a global solution and that is why we need a global conversation, so we understood the importance of the getting this project exactly right. Leach is honoured to have had a role in producing this fascinating exhibition which showcases some of the most innovative research and cutting-edge technologies relating to sustainability. The exhibition offers an inspiring and informed message about climate change, one that we hope continues the important conversation of sustainability.