The Burrell Collection

 Createing a cohesive visual identity

The Brief:

The Burrell Collection reopened its doors in March 2022 after undergoing a six-year renovation. By improving accessibility and sustainability, the refurbishment will preserve the Burrell Collection for future generations.  Leach was fortunate enough to be selected as the graphics contractor on this unique project.

Leach created a cohesive visual identity throughout the site by providing extensive signage systems both internally and externally. A wide variety of our high-quality products were chosen to be used on the site; among them were printed Corian and ceiling banners.


Burrell Collection

The Solution

The project was one of paramount significance to the local community and it was critical that every aspect was spot on. We worked with The Burrell on producing samples and prototypes over a two-year period to ensure that every aspect of the project was carefully considered and that the result would be successful.

Our manufacturing capabilities mean that we are able to cater to all parts of a project. From small format case labels that perfectly complement the collection to large format draped ceiling banners that help transform a space. When it comes to curating spaces, we have years of experience that gives us an instinctual edge.

Parts of the collection sit in a listed building. Therefore, when we were installing the signage packages, we ensured that we remained sensitive to the strict regulations and did not disturb the walls. Our installation team has years of experience and hours of preparation go into ensuring our projects go to plan. As a result of the team’s commitment to quality and attention to detail, the finished project is of exceptional quality.