Tension Gets Attention: The Transformative Power of Tension Frames

Exhibitions and retail spaces are an opportunity for businesses to exhibit their originality and expertise in a way that is memorable and effective. When showcasing a product, service or event, organisations must provide a unique and captivating display to draw audiences in and keep them engaged.

As industry leaders, Leach have developed their tension frames with excellent versatility to create structures designed for branding and advertising. With scope for personalisation, our tension frames are produced with an interchangeable graphic channel that allows them to pair perfectly with our high-quality graphics.

With the suitability of tension frames ranging from retail stores to museum exhibitions, Leach set the standard for print innovation.

What are the Benefits of Tension Frames?

Whether hanging from the ceiling, mounting the walls, or separating a space, Leach tension frames are completely adaptable to different premises. The flexibility of each frame means that they can be formed into any shape – even moulding to curved walls!

Our ability to customise allows for any colour, lighting, or depth specifications to be met – ensuring that your company branding is not compromised in any way and remains consistent throughout. Whether it is single or double-sided, our dedicated team are renowned for their high-definition displays with maximum impact.

In our current ecological climate, Leach tension frames are expertly designed and manufactured to ensure that they’re reusable and sustainable. Each piece of printed material is easy to install within the custom-made frames and equally as easy to change, guaranteeing that company promotions remain current, relevant and interchangeable.

Which Sectors are Tension Frames Suitable for?

As a team of world-class creative enablers, we have built a reputation for collaborating with leading retailers, museums and sports brands - bringing their unique vision to life. While the versatility of our tension frames invites enquiries from all industries, they are especially suitable for use in retail, museums and exhibitions.


2021 was another turbulent year for retail with the continued impact of the pandemic and the ever-expanding world of online shopping. With traditional high street stores suffering, low-cost solutions offer a multitude of branding benefits for retailers with a reduced budget.

The professional, high-grade quality of Leach tension frames provide a low-cost system that can be efficiently installed, removed and stored. With the ability to move and reuse the product without electricity, tension frames offer an economic branding solution to the retail sector.


When coordinating and designing an exhibition, memorable and effective print solutions encourage footfall to your project. Leach tension frames are both portable and easy to clean, providing a practical solution for travelling exhibitions.


Attendance figures will always be a prominent concern for museums. With museum spaces struggling to increase their footfall, directors are looking for new ways to engage the public. Leach tension frames are a great solution to the constant rotation of spaces – keeping museum spaces looking fresh and unique.

With an increased eagerness surrounding in-person events, our tension frames can help you to engage your audience in a cost-effective way. Contact us to find out how Leach tension frames could transform your space.

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