Regatta HQ

An innovative, impactful and unique environment for the Regatta HQ

The Brief

International outdoor leisure company Regatta wanted to showcase its new footwear range and required a new visual merchandise solution at its headquarters in Manchester.

Previously, footwear was displayed using a permanent wooden wall which was dark and didn’t create the wow-factor needed for Regatta’s new product range. 

Regatta also wanted the ability to showcase a wider range of footwear and a solution that would make an impact amongst their leading customers.

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The Solution

Following an initial consultation with Leach, the Regatta team were impressed by the Vision Product Wall Lite solution. The team were not only captivated by the brightness and graphic quality but also the flexibility – which means you can continually change the look and feel of the display.

Developed by Leach’s innovation team and manufactured in-house, Vision Product Wall Lite is a unique merchandise display system which integrates illuminated fabric graphics with a magnetic based shelving structure, to create eye-catching displays for hero merchandise.

To meet the exact requirements, Leach’s innovation team set upon the task of creating a range of prototypes in which to best display the Regatta shoes. The result was a bespoke and impactful shelving system, perfect for Regatta’s leading range of outdoor footwear.

The Result

Sitting proudly within Regatta HQ’s showroom, the new Vision Product Wall Lite system provides Regatta with a versatile and impactful display for its latest footwear range. The new display captures customer attention from the moment they enter the showroom and leaves a lasting impression of the brand. 

Jo Hawkins, Marketing Director, Regatta comments “The new displays look fantastic, the fact we have the ability to change the graphics and product display on a seasonal basis is testament to the flexible nature of the system and creates a wow-factor with our customers.

Already we’ve received great feedback from our sales team and their customers and in fact, we are now planning to rollout the system into store environments.”

Dale Broadhead, Business Development Manager at Leach Impact comments “Vision Product Wall Lite proved to be the perfect solution for Regatta with ultra-bright LED illumination and our unique magnetic display system. Going forward the team now have a flexible, rather than a limited, fixed display system that they can change on a seasonal basis, with our interchangeable fabric graphics.”

“From our first meeting, we’ve been impressed by the innovative and can-do approach adopted by Leach and we would not hesitate to recommend them and the Vision Product Wall Lite solution to any of our industry peers.”

- Jo Hawkins Marketing Director, Regatta