London Sealife Aquarium

Wide range of safe and hardwearing long-term graphics and signage products

Case Study

SEA Life Aquarium required new graphics and signage that would help them to showcase its ‘Sea Happy’ project and to inform visitors of the impact that man has upon the planet’s oceanic environment.

Leach Inspire created a wide-range of safe and hardwearing long-term graphics and signage products to suit the unique conditions within the aquarium.

For example, we used non-slip floor graphics and a special water sealant on the walls to prevent dampness from affecting the graphics.

Using innovative graphics and installation techniques, the project exceeded the customers’ expectations and resulted in an eye-catching and informative exhibition.

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Leach's Role Included:


  • Product design and development
  • Digital wallpaper
  • Floor graphics
  • Printed glass, acrylic and MDF panels
  • Free-standing display units
  • CNC cutting
  • Installation


“Leach’s innovative use of graphics has resulted in a truly stunning exhibition… the sea happy project is without doubt the jewel in the sea life crown and it has proved to be a great success already.”

- Toby Forer, SEA LIFE Manager, London Sealife Aquarium