Working with Principal Global to deliver graphics and signage across European branches

The Brief

Principle are the global brand implementers for the HSBC network and have developed, alongside the HSBC Global Standards team, the current retail, business and Premier concepts for the bank. These concepts specify graphic-rich high quality environments using premium materials in branches and corporate offices.

The resulting graphic products included acrylic image panels, lightboxes, frameless cash dispenser surrounds, display fins and sign trays. As Principle’s graphic partner, Leach was called upon to establish the precise production specification of each product and then manufacture in small batches during a phased roll-out across several European countries.

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Leach's Role Included:

  • Vision frames
  • Fabric graphics
  • Installation
  • Technical consultancy
  • Artwork management


The Solution

The frameless, illuminated cash dispenser surround graphic was the trickiest item to perfect, and we went through several rounds of testing with Principle to establish a product with the required characteristics. These included technical factors such as outdoor longevity and expansion characteristics through to visual factors. In particular it was important to HSBC that their corporate colours reproduced correctly during daylight hours when the graphic was front lit and also after dark when the LED rear illumination became the dominant light source. This was achieved by layering up coloured ink with opal ink in an innovative way and through the use of our expert colour profiling.

After cracking the cash dispenser, many of the other items fell into place with fewer rounds of testing, but nonetheless HSBC’s exacting standards needed to be achieved on the smallest details. For example, for the office acrylic images, Lambda photo-digital prints were the only acceptable way to achieve the high contrast, rich, impactful result the client was looking for.