How to Create a Memorable Exhibition Stand

The recent pandemic understandably hit the events industry hard across the world, but as life begins to return to normalcy, the demand for in-person opportunities such as trade shows and exhibitions is quickly growing. But with increased audience expectations, how can businesses ensure success?

The 2020 UK events report by the Business Visits and Events Partnership valued the UK exhibitions industry at £11 billion in 2019. After consecutive lockdowns, the sector has shown a determination to bounce back by introducing innovative approaches to exhibition displays. Here are our top tips.

1) Be Prepared

When planning for an upcoming event, it is important to know what outcome you want to achieve. It can be all too easy to jump straight into the planning stage without analysing the value of the event, so spend some time with your team discussing your goals and how you can achieve them.

As with nearly everything else post-pandemic, events and exhibitions are facing a new normal. Be flexible with your ideas and ready for last-minute changes or cancellations. Exhibitors may have fewer resources that in previous years, so displays need to be innovative to stand out. 

2) Identify What You Need

The options can feel overwhelming, but your stand must fit in with your overall marketing goals. What are the key ideas that you want to get across? What do you want people to learn about you from your stand? What will draw them in? Again, get everyone involved in the planning process.

There are also many companies out there offering event planning services or you could use online software to support the process yourself. And don’t underestimate the value of online marketing as a quick and affordable way of promoting your upcoming events, especially using social media.

 3) Be Creative

Event and exhibitions displays are a chance to show off your business, be innovative, and attract people’s attention. Celebrate what makes you different and demonstrate your values, particularly if they are related to the environment. Remember, how you present yourself helps to build trust.

 When it comes to visuals, creativity, clarity and consistency are key. Use a maximum of six to 10 words for the main messages; if it takes more than three seconds to read, there’s too much. Use high quality, striking imagery and ensure your stand is well lit (never rely on the lighting provided).

4) Find the Right Solutions

As the industry begins to flourish once more, it is clear that successful events and exhibitions are still crucial to brands. “It’s very difficult to grow your business without a physical presence,” points out Helen Tonkey, a director at Halo Fashion Agency.

At Leach, we work collaboratively to produce effective print solutions that will drive event footfall and create a memorable impression. From Pop-ups, Modular or Bespoke Stands to Lightboxes and Floor Graphics, we have the knowledge to design and deliver the best display solutions for you 

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