Creating Harmony: Exploring Versatile Acoustic Solutions

During lockdown, how we worked, rested and played were disrupted, bringing attention to the significance of different environments on our ability to focus, our levels of productivity, and our sense of well-being. With many of us now striving for more positive experiences in all areas of our lives, sound has become an important consideration.

In particular, open-plan offices have come under scrutiny, with some experts arguing that they can hurt communication, engagement, and mental health. In a recent survey, architectural sound specialists, Oscar Acoustics, discovered that only 8% of the employees they questioned said they worked in a quiet office. So what solutions are available?

What are Acoustic Solutions?

When talking about acoustics, we refer to the quality and comfort of sound in a space. Optimal acoustic solutions involve reducing the long reverberation time (how long it takes for sound to fall to 60dB) in an area. A space with good acoustics means voices can be heard, people can concentrate, and the atmosphere is calmer.

Noise control can cover all manner of improvements. For architects, including soundproof wall-to-wall acoustic ceilings, carpeting, and soundproof windows in a design can be valuable. For existing spaces, vertical sound absorbers and ceiling screens (baffles) can help, along with simple additions such as shelves and curtains.

How Does Noise Affect Communal Spaces?

Most of us will have experience working in a noisy environment. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can also affect concentration, confidence and well-being. For the many employees using shared spaces, research shows that the most productive surroundings offer a choice of areas. Open-plan spaces with a gentle buzz, for example, can be better for creative work, while soundproofed offices are essential for privacy.


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What Acoustic Solutions Are Available?

As experts in acoustic intervention and large-format display graphics, Leach provides a wealth of options for optimising the sound levels of any space. Our range combines state-of-the-art materials and production methods with effective visual storytelling and engaging artwork to help create a professional, personalised, and positive environment.

Wall and Ceiling Panels

No matter the dimensions or designs, our variety of wall and ceiling panels are striking and practical, offering a flexible and durable solution to sound insulation for any room. Incorporate your company logo, colours and graphics, or include signage to extend their usage.

Sound Absorbing Fabric Materials

Cutting-edge technology meets high-quality design with our range of fabric graphics printed on sound-absorbing materials, which can be applied to various surfaces and environments.

Baffles, Enclosures and Partitions

Create quieter spaces and secluded areas with ceiling screens (baffles), enclosures or partitions using your choice of graphics, ideal for optimising acoustics as well as enhancing the look and feel of interior space, making it more welcoming, calming, and personalised to your brand.

Please contact us today to learn more about Leach acoustic solutions and graphic printing.