Eight services to help create the ultimate window


A customer’s experience begins on the outside of a store, from the moment they set their eyes on it.

Therefore, like in any situation, first impressions really do count on the high-street too, and the post-Covid customer experience must certainly impress if retailers intend for consumer confidence and spending habits to resume.

Attracting footfall back to bricks and mortar retail establishments is going to play a crucial role in the recovery of our beloved brands, and what better way to catch the attention of passers-by than a fresh and exciting storefront exhibiting relevant products and attractive promotions?

Here we look at 8 products and dedicated services Leach can provide to visually bring your store to life:

1. Creative Design & 3D Rendering

Our digital artworking team take graphic design briefs and turn them into high-tech visuals for our client’s approval. We work closely with you – the client, to ensure the outcome meets and exceeds your expectations of achieving a visually impactful window display to draw in passing footfall, as well as in-store displays to further engage your customers once inside.

2. Graphics Production

Our graphic display solutions have made their way to retail outlets across the globe, as our continual investment into the highest quality production machinery puts our products and services in high-demand and enables us to produce the very best and extraordinary retail display spectacles. Double-sided hanging lightboxes, 3D display graphics and seamless wallcoverings are three solutions proving to be popular amongst our clients right now.

3. Project management

Leach is experienced in the successful delivery of all project components, from creative concept through to on-site installation. We offer a fully comprehensive service that our clients rely on to transform the look and feel of their brands, time and time again.

4. Joinery & Spray Shop

Wooden displays and display cases are the ideal solution for long-term retail visuals. Exposed wood or a spray shopped finish will bring another dimension into your store environment and provide a more innovative method to showcasing hero merchandise and promotional products.

5. Lightbox Manufacturing

With the option of single or double sided, fabric or acrylic faced, 3D, curved, hanging and more – our dedicated lightbox manufacturing team is highly skilled in all aspects of lightbox production and innovation. This team ensure that our frames are pristine, and lightboxes are ultra-bright and ultra-impactful.

6. Acrylic & Metal Work Fabrication

Leach work with a host of materials and processes to provide our clients with the very best solutions to bring their visions to life. The latest machinery enables us to produce world-class, bespoke metal work & acrylic solutions.
The team have years-worth of knowledge to be able to make tailored recommendations for your store, and our expertise runs deep into fixing, supporting structures, and maintenance too!

7. Quality Control

Before leaving Leach headquarters, every graphic, wallcovering, print and lightbox will endure several quality checks at every stage of production. We have exceptionally high standards here at Leach and this is reflected in products and services levels we offer to our clients.

8. Installation

Our in-house installation services ensure full control until the very end – our team stay close to every project and excel in the detail and ensure immaculate delivery. The Leach installation team are all CCAS and Safe Contractor approved, with a combined industry experience of over 150 years

We have the skill set and experience required to bring your storefront to life and enhance that all-important customer journey with creative and immersive graphic production and display techniques. Get in touch today to find out what Leach can do for your business