Custom Contra Vision for Your Retail Space

It's no secret that shopping online can be a gamble. And when online retailers experience a return rate of over 20% compared with just 9% for those bought from physical stores, it’s clear that customers feel more confident in their purchases when shopping in-store.

While this is often due to the product itself, retailers must recognise the ambient power of lighting, graphics, atmosphere and temperature to influence customer behaviour. And one way to combine each of these factors is with Contra Vision. 

From detailed artwork to photographs and text, Contra Vision transforms glass windows into customisable canvases; but that’s not all it can do. Offering privacy, branding opportunities and allowing daylight to pervade each room, this perforated window film acts as a versatile, vibrant solution to elevate your retail space.

What is Contra Vision?

Contra Vision is the brand name of a two-way adhesive window film designed to be applied on the outside of glass surfaces; once installed, it allows for anything from a single image to a full-coverage print. 

On one side, the graphic can be seen from outside the window; the other side (from inside looking out) allows light through. The technology is perfect for retail windows, offices, trade stands and creative spaces, providing a compelling and functional way to catch visitors’ eyes and spread your message.

How Does Contra Vision Work?

The 'tinted window' effect is achieved by having black adhesive on one side of the film, which allows natural light to pass through tiny holes when looking through it.

When looking from the exterior of your building, Contra Vision works like a charm as the print remains visible to those looking at the window, not through it.


Why Choose Contra Vision? 

Forget having to choose between natural lighting and product promotion – with Contra Vision perforated window films, you can have them both.

Opaque window graphics block the sunshine surrounding your space, creating an enclosed, unpleasant environment. One-way vision graphics alleviate the lighting issue, enabling you to promote your products in prime footfall areas.

With specialist print, simple installation, enhanced privacy and excellent removal qualities, Contra Vision can help you to achieve your striking, practical vision. 

Contra Vision in Retail 

Advertising is key to a successful retail store. That's why many retailers are taking a more tactical, physical approach to their branding to encourage potential customers to enter their stores.

Perforated window films are an ideal solution for businesses looking to block out solar heat and glare, protect their products from UV degradation, provide privacy to shopping customers, or even disguise empty retail space.

Designed to withstand hot and cold temperatures and any amount of wear and tear, Contra Vision’s adhesive technology is manufactured so that your graphics stay in place, regardless of their location - enticing visitors to return for all the right reasons. 

Get in touch with us today to see how we can utilise your space with Contra Vision.