Creativity Around The World: Showcasing Leach’s International Design Projects

With COVID-19 restrictions easing and the world slowly reopening, there’s a great opportunity to start visiting galleries, museums and event spaces again. At Leach, we work with brands across the globe on innovative design projects and over the years we’ve helped to bring creative visions to life in several countries.

From stunning backdrops in France to sprawling creative spaces in the Middle East, here are some of the international projects we’re proud to have worked on.


The Louvre, France

As part of a prestigious art exhibition in the Louvre, we were tasked with providing four double sided, free standing lightboxes for the event. The exhibition depicted the classic art masterpieces of Jean-Domonique Ingres, Rembrandt, Eugene Delacroix and Matthias Grunewald to name a few.

Working with the Société des Amis du Louvre, we manufactured lightboxes and transported them to the museum. The lightboxes were installed over a two-day period by our in-house installation team.

We helped with the pre-build for the exhibit and stored and reconfigured the displays to provide the best visual impact.



Domino Park, New York

Another New York project we’re proud to have worked on is the installation of a 24m tall x 16m wide canvas in Domino Park, Williamsburg. Created to honour the 20-year career of elusive French photographer, JR, the canvas features 1000 New York citizens in JR’s signature style.

The mural was made using Senfa Technologies materials, which Leach printed onto. The canvas took ten hours to print, four days to install and a sixteen-strong Leach team worked around the clock to get it finished.

Brooklyn Museum, New York

Working with Brooklyn Museum, we produced and installed a 37m wide x 4m high super-wide format vinyl onto the façade of the steps of the museum. This was done as part of the Truth Be Told exhibition by artist Nick Cave, whose art explores issues such as racial inequality and prejudice.

We presented the ‘Truth Be Told’ letters in an external application, integrating it with the steps of the Brooklyn Museum entrance. The full project took two weeks, covering art design, printing, laminating, cutting and a 10-day shipment to Brooklyn.


Middle East

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait

An artistic hub of the world, the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre houses large collections of Kuwaiti, Islamic and Arab history. Leach played a defining role in the development of 22 different galleries across a 22,000m² exhibition, coordinating with multiple suppliers to deliver results in a four-month window.

During the project, we produced large format wallpaper up to 13m high, super-illuminated lightboxes, screen printed backdrops, stencils, case labels, mosaic tiling and more. In total, we applied 175 techniques across 1400 graphics!

A team of fifteen worked on the installation, clocking in 9500 hours over a fifteen-week period to ensure the deadline was reached. This resulted in a breath-taking exhibition space, filled with galleries like the Arabic Islamic Science Museum, Natural History Museum and so much more.

For more information on this project, be sure to check out our feature in the Conservation and Heritage Journal Summer 2021 edition!


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