Leach provides impactful display graphic for New York mural

When it comes to construction sites, the days of lacklustre hoardings are long gone. Forward-thinking building contractors are giving as much thought to scaffolding wraps, hoarding graphics, and fence banners, as they are the finished product.

Derelict buildings, plots of land and nearly-there structures are frequently being secluded behind vast visual displays which give a flavour of what’s to come, who’s involved in the project, and when the ‘grand opening’ is tabled for. And, it’s this form of branding that can be extremely impactful. Here’s how…

Why should I brand my construction site?

Traditional hoardings, as well as building, scaffolding and fencing wraps were once erected purely to keep out prying eyes – or to disguise a rather unattractive ‘work in progress’. Over time though, developers recognised the large-scale advertising opportunities these installations can provide.

The construction sector needn’t wait until there are – quite literally – bricks and mortar to market the latest office block, leisure facility or residential offering. Instead, those involved in the supply chain should look to maximise branding opportunity for their sites as early as possible – and capture the attention of both visitors and passers-by.

Some developers are generating income or offsetting their CSR by utilising this vast area of brandable space – to provide opportunity to local businesses and organisations, sponsors, or other stakeholders to advertise their own company there.

Are building and scaffolding wraps worth the investment?

Supersized building wraps create an unparalleled wow factor that – due to their sheer size – can often be seen from a great distance. While these displays’ practical purpose is to disguise a structure that’s under construction – or having a facelift – they can also be used to create a talking point.

Similarly, scaffolding wraps can cover a vast area with relative ease. They too can be seen from afar – offering a real opportunity to achieve a bold impact while work takes place behind the scenes.

Massive art installations, daring and colourful displays – or simply an illustration of the finished product – not only heightens intrigue, but provides fodder for the social media generation. So, the message is to ‘go big or go home’ – quite literally!

What can I use hoarding wraps for?

Although on a smaller scale, hoarding wraps can be just as eye-catching – but are typically seen at ground level by passing traffic and pedestrians. While they can house wayfinding instructions – should site access or navigation help be required – or even safety messaging to help deter trespassers from entering, they can also double up as a nifty marketing tool.

We’ve seen plenty of designs over the years, from telling the project’s story, to a temporary art installation by a local graffiti artist. And when done right, these can serve to create an air of mystery around what will be revealed when they are removed.

Fence or mesh banner design ideas 

Smaller, lightweight and easy to affix and remove, fence and mesh banners offer a great tool for communicating essential information, wayfinding or health and safety rules – which can be continually repositioned as required, while the space evolves.

As one of the more traditionally recognised ways to brand a construction site, these large format graphics are a more budget-friendly branding option, with the added benefit of allowing passers-by to see that work is indeed progressing.

Think outside the (light)box

Construction firms needn’t stick to these traditional surfaces either. High-definition graphics set within an external LED-illuminated lightbox, for instance, will catch the attention of foot traffic – at all times of day and whatever the weather.

Typically incorporating reusable graphics – which can be transposed as a project unfolds or updated as a marketing campaign progresses – these interchangeable branding solutions prove popular among firms with a keen eye on budget too.

Sustainable construction branding

As businesses and individuals slowly begin to appreciate the role they play in creating a sustainable future – the eco-conscience of many construction firms is finding a place firmly at the boardroom table.

It is possible for a building site to create the ‘wow factor’ without compromising on green credentials – or blowing the budget. That’s why we’ve launched our eco range of graphic display solutions, to ensure that being ‘green’ doesn’t come at a cost.

For more information regarding any of our construction site branding solutions, or to find out how we can bring your construction site to life, contact one of the team today.