Collaborating with artist Tony Baker for the Beauty art exhibition at Leeds City College

Leach is excited to showcase one of our latest local collaborations with Leeds City College and artist Tony Baker. We helped with installing a part of Baker’s project, BEAUTY, a concept that explores themes of xenophobia, truth and the collective voice of a community.

An artist’s answer to hate and xenophobia

A former teacher at Leeds City College, Baker has exhibited his art using digital media around the world. His BEAUTY project is displayed at the new Quarry Hill campus building. This is a £60 million build that houses the School of Creative Arts and School of Social Science to encourage creative freedom from students of all ages.

BEAUTY is a prose-like visual essay that goes into detail about beauty through the lens of a post-truth world in which we now find ourselves. Through the context of his work, the artist identifies a world of hatred, dogma and a hardline polemic.

Produced in the form of a book, a mural and a collection of 76 panoramic prints, BEAUTY unites voices from all walks of life to create a single language of social resistance. It offers an alternative to the ugliness of the themes it explores and is based on the premise that beauty is everywhere.

The project is also based on the idea that beauty is one of the roles an artist must draw attention to in their work. BEAUTY seeks out the small details of our existence and juxtaposes these ideas together to reveal a universal truth against bigotry and intolerance.

Providing world-class creative expertise

As creative enablers, Leach has decades of experience in providing support to exhibitions and events with our print solutions. We were tasked with producing a 16m wide frame and graphic as part of the wider exhibition to showcase Baker’s work.

The task included designing the frame and graphic, managing the project and installing it inside the Quarry Hill building. Check out the installation video to see us in action!

We’re extremely pleased with how it turned out and to be part of a project that challenges people to see the world through a different lens.

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