Bruntcliffe Academy

The GORSE Academies Trust to transform Bruntcliffe Academy

The Brief

Leach has years of industry experience in interiors. Working across the museum, retail, sports and exhibition industries, we have provided fit-outs across the globe. We have the products and expertise within our team to re-imagine and transform spaces.

In schools, uniforms play an important role in fostering pride, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging among students. Interiors of schools are beginning to be treated in the same way.

Interior branding is a great way to inform, engage, and entertain people in areas where they gather. Albert Einstein once said, "I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." This vision is beginning to be conceptualized in schools. We were approached by The GORSE Academies Trust to transform Bruntcliffe Academy.

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The Solution

Our product range is expansive and can offer options that suit any requirement. We offered the academy the solution of our durable, high-quality graphics which can withstand high traffic and usage and are perfect for a school environment.

Prior to starting the project, our installation manager conducted a survey of the academy to ensure that we would have control over the project and could identify any issues. Due to the building’s age, some of the walls in the school were quite old and not the usual smooth surface we prefer for wallpaper graphic applications.

We were able to resolve this challenge easily and our team installed the graphics, and we were able to keep a close eye on quality control over the process and took due care when installing the wallpapers to ensure the best final result.

Leach produced several elements for the site including printed vinyl, wrapped MDF and foamex panels. We installed the graphics across the site and the final results demonstrate the impact that internal branding can have.

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