Brand New Day: Future-proofing your Marketing Success

A brand tells everyone who you are and what you do and runs like a golden thread through your business marketing activity.

It connects you with your target audience, whether you are launching a product campaign, opening a store, boosting your company’s profile or highlighting its business credentials.

Feel the Benefits

The benefits of a smart and memorable brand activation strategy (the process for getting your brand known) cannot be understated. Activation is an essential not a luxury.

In a saturated market with tough competition, brand activation will help you stand out and can be the difference between success and failure.

Brand activation gives your business an identity and a face that makes the company more personal, enabling people to understand your business and to trust you.

Feel the Buzz

At Leach, we love the buzz that comes from brand activation, when planning turns into reality, enabling our clients to realise their creative visions.

Brand activation can be an effective way to remarket yourself whilst also introducing new ranges and products. 

We recognise and understand commitment to innovate and excite so here are some examples of activation projects that we admire.


Feel the Quality

Fitness clothing retailer Gymshark came up with a market stall event in response to the idea that it was moving away from its traditional customer community and its own “start-up” roots.

A “flagship” store opening on Regent Street in London was in the pipeline and its products were being worn by exclusive social media influencers.

It devised a pop-up stall event with discounted items to show it “wanted to get out there” in an “almost polar-opposite way” to the permanent store.

See Inside

The branding of interiors says everything about your store before a customer even looks at your items and Leach offers a phenomenal range of design, print and display for the space.

A bright, light, fun space with inclusive imagery speaks more for a brand than a campaign will ever do.

By updating interior spaces to enhance the experience for customers, you are more likely to get returning customers along with deeper and more engaged interactions in the future.

US beauty brand Glossier opened its first international flagship store in London with an interior design that reflected the Covent Garden building’s 17th century heritage.

Intricate historical detail combined with modern design and a dominating pink colour scheme had customers queueing outside to get a glimpse inside.

See Outside

With bricks and mortar stores fighting against online retailing, there has been a clear shift towards transforming stores into experiential spaces.

In branding terms, it means customers can identify who you are before entering your store and creating a shopping experience makes a great first impression that lasts.

Fashion designer Paul Smith decided to extend the pink theme of his business to the exterior of his Los Angeles store.

The company then added the brand iconic strip feature, thereby reinventing the space and creating huge social media interest.

Similarly, exclusive brand Louis Vuitton always makes an impact with its stores to demonstrate its place in the fashion world.

Such exteriors show how the brand’s creativity extends beyond fashion making it even more established.

See Leach

These different examples of brand activation certainly serve their purpose. If you are planning such activity and want the positive impact of colour and imagery, then get in touch!

At Leach, we offer display design solutions across retail, commercial interiors, museums, sports, healthcare and education sectors worldwide; we would be delighted to help you with your brand activation needs.