BMW Cardiff Showroom

Leach partner with Principle Global to showcase BMW brand at their new £9 million car showroom in Cardiff

The Brief

For over two decades Leach has worked in partnership with global brand implementation specialists Principle, supporting its clients with innovative large-format graphics and displays.

Since 2012 Leach has partnered with Principle on the successful BMW (Sytner Group) project, with Leach helping to transform its showrooms with state-of-the-art display graphics and lightboxes.

Developed by Leach’s in-house innovation team, specifically for BMW and popular within their showrooms, the bespoke ultra-slim lightbox solution is just one example of how Leach has pushed manufacturing techniques to the limit and continually provided innovative solutions to showcase the BMW brand throughout the partnership.

Therefore, when the Sytner Group proposed to open a new £9 million BMW car showroom in Cardiff, Principle looked no further than Leach to once again help showcase the BMW brand and maximise its interior and exterior impact.

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The Solution

The 43,000 square-foot development, due to open before Christmas 2019, required large-format graphics and displays that would help maximise the BMW brand and provide a wow-factor to its marketing and vehicle promotions.

A combination of the new Leach Box (at 65mm deep) and ultra-slim (at 21mm deep) lightbox solutions were proposed as they would not only offer maximum impact and flexibility, but also, as with all Leach’s solutions, be easy and safe for the Principle team to install.

The lightbox solutions were then paired with Leach’s environmentally friendly ‘Eco-Screen’ fabric graphics. This state-of-the-art textile, made from 100% recycled yarn, provides HD quality graphics but with minimal impact upon the environment. And what’s more, following its use, the graphic can be returned to Leach for onward recycling – a true end-to-end eco friendly service. This innovative solution fits perfectly with BMW and Principle’s ongoing directive to ‘recycle first’ and the company’s social responsibility and sustainability ethos.

As part of the ongoing 8 year partnership between BMW and Principle, Leach’s in-house innovation team developed a bespoke ultra-slim, non-illuminated lightbox which at just 21mm deep is modern, sleek and minimises disruption of sought-after showroom space.

A total of 66 ultra-slim lightboxes, up to 5.5m x 1.8m were manufactured by Leach and installed by partners Principle. The bespoke lightboxes came with interchangeable graphics as standard, so that BMW’s staff were able to change graphics quickly and easily themselves, without the need or cost of an external installation team.

In addition, eight XL Leach Boxes with ultra-bright LED illumination were supplied up to 11m x 2.1m, to give the showroom an extra wow-factor and enhance its customer experience.

Importantly all graphics and lightbox solutions were produced quickly and efficiently by Leach’s in-house production team, to enable the client to meet its pre-Christmas deadline.

The Result

The new BMW showroom opened its doors in December 2019 with the display graphics helping to create an immediate impression and generating fantastic feedback.

David Palmer, Senior Project Manager at Principle comments;

“We’ve developed a strong and successful partnership with Leach since 2003 and together we’ve continued to innovate and deliver outstanding solutions for our clients.

We’ve already received glowing feedback from Sytner, but not only do the end results look superb, the value in working with Leach is their continuous speed of turnaround and excellent customer service, provided from the outset.

In this project alone we’ve been able to save on transport costs using the new, modular Leach Box solution and the Eco-Screen fabric graphics help support our drive to improve sustainability.”

With the installation at Cardiff deemed a major success the brand is now rolling out the solutions to new retailer showrooms throughout 2020.