Big brands demand green products as Leach launches eco range

Leach recently featured in a number of well-known publications including Graphic Display World, Topic UK and Digital Printer, discussing the latest additions to our ‘eco-portfolio’ and our ongoing commitment to sustainability within the print industry. If you missed the article you can catch it in full here…

Leach has revealed the latest ‘eco’ additions to its portfolio, following 12 months of research and development alongside a focused industry study.

The Yorkshire-headquartered company has invested over 100 man-hours into its latest product suite over the past year – designed to further bolster its long-held ‘green conscience’. Now available to customers, the 16 environmentally-friendly materials are PVC-free, recycled or recyclable – with a ‘return to base’ model encouraging users to send back any obsolete graphics for onward recycling.


Gaining customer insight, Leach has also recently polled the opinions of 164 decision-makers from some of the world’s leading brands – including Vauxhall, Arcadia Group, Estée Lauder and Beaverbrooks – in order to establish what really matters when it comes to visual installations.

Over half of the respondents said that being ‘green’ was a strategic priority for their board, with 49% stating their company’s investment into environmentally conscious products would increase in 2020. Interestingly, 64% of people said purchasing decisions were made with the eco impact in mind.

James Lavin, managing director at Leach, said: “It’s no secret that the environmental issues in society have pushed companies to adopt a greater ‘eco stance’ – in the quest to ensure business remains strong while striving to protect the planet.

“Leach has always been of this mindset, but we’ve taken things a step further with the launch of our complete eco range. We’ve already received some fantastic feedback and, importantly, these greener solutions have no detrimental impact on the high-quality results provided – the ‘wow factor’ is still extremely apparent!”

Leading the charge, the newly-launched Eco Screen is made from 100% recycled yarn. This state-of-the-art textile can be used across a range of fabric graphic communications, with minimal impact upon the environment.

The Leach Box meanwhile, is the latest iteration of the firm’s lightbox. With power consumption having been reduced by 30% and having slashed manufacturing time in half, the new design centres around a reduction in carbon footprint.

Leach has always been committed to reducing its carbon footprint. In 2008, the firm received the Queen’s Award for its investment into products incorporating LED lights for energy efficiency, changeable graphics to promote reusability, and lightweight rollable solutions to reduce transport costs.

For more information regarding our new eco-range you can download our Eco Brochure here, or get in touch with one of the team today.