A1 Retail – Trends

Whilst all industries, including the retail sector, are currently facing unprecedented times, Leach look forward to the bounce-back for all sectors and are here to support businesses, wherever possible, with a range of high-quality and impactful print solutions.

Leach’s head of innovation Mike Willshaw recently featured in the award-winning publication A1 Retail, predicting the biggest trends across the retail sector for 2020 and how retailers will look to engage us further. If you missed the article you can catch it in full here…

We look at what will be the biggest trends across the retail sector for 2020. How will retailers engage us further with brands and convince us to purchase?

Head of Innovation at Leach, Mike Willshaw, said:

“For 2020, one of the main requests we are seeing is the need for solutions that are quick and simple to put in place. Stores want display solutions that are easy to install, and suitable for in-house staff to alter as required – for example by using interchangeable graphics. Time is of the essence nowadays, and brands need to be able to react quickly to changes in customer demand, as well as keeping their stores looking visually fresh.

Retailers are certainly prepared to invest more in their creative displays to increase footfall. The ever-increasing competition with other brands to grab the attention of passers-by means that window displays are becoming even more-eye-catching, in an effort to draw in the crowds.

In addition, awareness of the environmental targets being placed on the UK remains a consideration, and ‘being green’ when investing in display equipment is important to many. It’s very common now for the ‘eco-stance’ to be included in a brief at the outset, and this is something that will surely increase as the year goes on.

Digital displays are another trend that are being requested more often – as new technologies emerge, brands are keen to stay ‘ahead of the game’. And, with the added feature of programmable lighting in lightboxes – to allow displays to incorporate movement in both fixed and free-standing formats – stores have never looked so good!”

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