A lifeline for the museum sector and how to help the industry re-welcome its guests

From the 23rd of March the UK Government told the country that people must stay at home, and all but-essential businesses must close in order to protect the overall health and well-being of the population.

The implications of such directives have been huge, with thousands of companies forced to close, most revenue’s non-existent and consumer spending diminishing daily.

One of many industries struck by the hard-hitting consequences of COVID-19, museum and heritage organisations are now – following almost fifteen weeks of closures – starting to find their feet in the new-found working practises presented to us by the ‘new-normal’.

Subsequent to the Government’s guidance, England’s museum attractions – along with hotels, bars, and restaurants – began to re-open their doors from the 4th of July, providing that certain safety measures were adhered to. So, with new rules in place for capacity, hygiene and exhibits to name just a few, it’s fair to say that the sector has faced – and is still facing – some significant changes to how things once were pre-pandemic.

While it was inspiring to see so many museums – including The Louvre in Paris and Getty in LA – thinking outside the box to engage their visitors virtually throughout lockdown; being an industry that Leach has actively supported for over six decades, we were thrilled to hear the news of the sector’s re-opening, but also of the Government’s £1.57bn support package, pledged to assist the industry in its’ recovery.

How to use display solutions to encourage visitors back through your doors 

So, as the UK embarks upon its bounce-back from the Coronavirus pandemic, what can museum and heritage site’s do to entice the public back through their doors again?

Out with the old and in with the new

Re-configuring a whole museum, select exhibits or galleries will give people a reason to visit, or even return to an attraction they have already experienced. Be it bringing in new a showpiece, remodelling the graphics and signage, or revamping the museum environment itself – people, and especially millennial’s, love to see something new and are much more likely to venture out to witness something unique and exciting. Leach urge you consider interactive displays and HD quality graphics to engage your audience even further.

Evidence your social distance

A given when it comes to a successful re-opening of any public-attending establishment, social distancing directives need to be evidenced and advertised prominently to instil a level of confidence into on-looking potential customers.

Hygiene solutions in the form of hand sanitation stations and sneeze screens for example, will prove critical in creating a safe and inclusive environment that will draw people back in. And, since the Government requires attendees of visitor attractions to wear face coverings, you could even consider having branded or customised masks available for purchase too!Leach look forward to the bounce-back of the museum sector as we continue to support visitor attractions with social distancing solutions, whilst also planning for some of the exciting projects we have in the pipeline too!

If you have any requirements for social distancing, hygiene, or safety products, or to find out how we can support you in bringing your next vision to life, get in touch.