Visual Trends for 2022 – The Follow Up

This year, we’ve witnessed how the lingering pandemic led to fresh and exciting possibilities for global workspaces. Despite the challenges of hybrid working and life following COVID-19, our culture continues to accelerate with new trends breaking out every day.

As we revisit our visual trend predictions for 2022, our former forecast may provide you with a dose of hopefulness – and even some nostalgia – to motivate your next project.

From promoting sustainability through visual displays to illuminating spaces with ‘artificial nature’, each of our predictions for 2022 rang true as we begin to look towards a visually stimulating 2023.

Sustainability and Eco Products

Our Prediction

The concept of sustainability – in its various incarnations – has been appearing with increasing frequency wherever visual messaging is concerned. With its acceleration in recent years, the expert team at Leach considered how visual messaging for businesses will develop in a way that celebrates their sustainability strategy.

Were We Right?

YES – this year companies worldwide have invested in sustainable visual displays to align not only with their brand identity, but with their eco-friendly ethos. At Leach, our range of Eco-Materials are constantly evolving to offer more complex options for high-quality graphics that are both durable and long-lasting.

Natural Imagery and Biophilic Design

Our Prediction

Biophilic design is an innovative way of designing health and productivity habitats; places where live, work and learn. With increasing prevalence across a range of sectors including retail, leisure, museums, galleries and even offices, natural illumination and biophilic design looked to be one of the biggest upcoming visual trends for 2022.

Were We Right?

As technology continues to infiltrate all aspects of our lives, ‘artificial nature’ is being incorporated into visual displays worldwide. With endless possibilities and emotional results synonymous with the feeling of being in nature, this trend continues to blossom within every sector.

Leach are leading the way in the field with a range of cutting-edge display solutions, including our lightboxes, which not only provide adjustable levels of light but also highly visual graphic displays. Created using ultra-bright LED systems housed in frames and fronted by fabric or rigid panel graphics, HD immersive graphics bring natural imagery indoors.

Innovative and Multifunctional Spaces

Our Prediction

In the wake of the pandemic, in-person environments and events needed to offer creativity and versatility in order to stand out. With the heritage sector showcasing more of their collections with new exhibitions, retailers began providing pop-ups and in-store events and offices started to re-evaluate their spaces for people returning to work.

Were We Right?

Throughout 2022, businesses across every sector searched for new ways to boost brands and engage audiences. From dynamic lightboxes and tension frames to floor graphics and integrated systems, Leach’s transformative product range reimagines spaces in our ever-changing world.

Update Your Space with Leach

At Leach, we believe the world is our canvas. During our long history, we have continually innovated and expanded our products considering the developing visual trends of our modern world.

Our committed team can help your business to attract and engage with your target audience – contact us to find out more about Leach products and services.