Behind the Green Door: Trends in Interiors

A building’s external appearance creates an immediate impression, but it is the look and feel of what is inside that ultimately manages perceptions and forms opinions.

Using the latest trends, an interior space can be revamped with a change in colour schemes, an adjustment to light levels and sources and a rearrangement of function and use.

The impact of these trends can be best illustrated through our own experience. At Leach, we have worked with leading retail and educational brands to help to transform their interiors.

Here are two examples that use trends in interiors in these sectors, in which we were especially proud to be involved.

In store   

Times have been tough for the retail sector, which has been hit by the closure of well-known high street names including department stores.

It is department stores in particular that are vulnerable. According to Springboard marketing and insights director Diane Wehrle, they “haven’t changed in 10, maybe 20 years”.

This was because they have not invested enough in upgrading their shop floors, product ranges or inline offerings, she argued.

However, retailers such as Marks and Spencer are investing heavily in a modernisation programme that moves away from the department store tag to what they call full-service stores.

In their store of the future in Stevenage, they focus on multi-services and modern looks, and bring new concepts such as refilling stations, scan and shop and digital click and collect.

These features reveal the key trends that consumers have been seeking; sustainability, easy uncomplicated shopping, and accessibility to services

A crucial element of the project was to emphasise the importance of light in store, which is where we were able to apply our expertise. 

As part of Leach’s role in this project, we manufactured more than 100 lightboxes for the site alongside a wide range of graphic solutions and the results achieved the clients’ aims.  



School Spaces

Schools have similarly been going through a revitalisation with a drive to create motivational and safe environments for pupils.

The pandemic showed how school spaces could be transformed and their features and functions reshaped to foster learning and motivation and support growth into adulthood.

We have worked with places of learning at the GORSE Academies Trust in West Yorkshire to refresh communal spaces.

Every space - not just the classroom - is a learning space and we fitted internal and external images to help inspire and educate the pupils.

Words are very powerful and can be very effective in promoting kindness and wellbeing, so we added external window vinyl with figures and quotes to inspire and also provide privacy.

Corridors were revamped with large titan wallpaper graphics that brightened up corridor spaces.

We also fitted a large format tension frame and graphic that will allow the school to interchange imagery as and when required.

Transformative, striking and multifunctional – Leach tension frames and lightboxes serve to elevate spaces with their illuminated graphics. Ranging from striking centrepieces to room dividers and light sources, Leach frames and lightboxes have proven to be incredibly multifunctional.

Leach Rules

At Leach, we have years of experience and a team of industry experts that can help fit out your interior space be it commercial, educational or just an office.

You do not have to be a retailer or school to benefit. We offer a turnkey service that allows us to oversee projects from start to finish.

Our purpose-built manufacturing space allows us to provide specialised graphic solutions and our team of installers can survey and fit spaces out.

Get in touch, have a conversation with us and let us transform your space.