Less Is More: The Benefits of Multifunctional Products

When a client, customer, employee, or spectator set foot into your space, they experience the physical embodiment of your company. Through innovative interior design, a business can communicate its identity, its ethos and its values, showing your visitors that you have put time and effort into creating a space that works for them

The ultimate objective of multifunctional products is to utilise your space and enhance functionality within your premises. While minimising the cost of fitting your space, clever design demonstrates a level of creativity that reflects well on your brand and encourages your audience to keep coming back!

Leach are leading the way in the field with a range of striking multifunctional products, including window graphics and acoustic solutions. Designed with multifunctionality in mind, Leach products are both cost effective and ultramodern to generate cutting-edge spaces.

Acoustic Baffles

Combining advanced sound absorption with vibrant aesthetics, Leach baffles, enclosures and partitions embody the concept of multifunctionality. Our bespoke acoustic baffles absorb the direct sound from a sound source, the reflections from ceilings and even higher sections of the walls to enhance interior acoustics – looking fantastic while doing it!

Acting also as a canvas for branding and promotional messaging, Leach acoustic baffles can be used to maximise your space and become part of your interior design. With the ability to be printed and cut to any shape or size, internal sound issues can now be corrected using stylish solutions as opposed to unattractive panels.

Window Graphics

A study conducted by Future Workplace found that “47% of employees felt tired during the day due to an absence of natural light and 43% felt gloomy by the lack of light.” Leach window graphics are designed to utilise all the available natural light, increasing workplace productivity and creating attractive spaces.



See through from the inside, but not from the outside – contravision allows you to display printed graphics to your audience without compromising your need for natural light. With natural light able to flow into the room, contravision is perfect for communal working spaces.

When handling sensitive situations in spaces such as schools or offices, privacy is paramount to protecting everyone on that premises. Transformative contravision achieves just that, maintaining access to natural light inside the building while obscuring the view from outside.

Window Vinyl

Custom made to any shape or size, Leach window vinyl allows you to control window visibility and display branded graphics. Available in a range of options including clear, coloured, frosted and blackout, window vinyl is a vibrant way to create privacy whilst also allowing naturallight to flow through.

Frames / Lightboxes

Transformative, striking and multifunctional – Leach tension frames and lightboxes serve to elevate spaces with their illuminated graphics. Ranging from striking centrepieces to room dividers and light sources, Leach frames and lightboxes have proven to be incredibly multifunctional.


Freestanding Lightboxes and Tension Frames

Divide your room in the most stylish way with Leach freestanding lightboxes and frame systems, providing privacy in exhibition spaces and innovation in retail environments. With the ability to move freestanding products to revise interior layouts, illuminate graphics for branding and conjure a sense of privacy, freestanding lightboxes serve multiple functions.


Suspended Lightboxes

Ceiling lightboxes provide an ultra-effective, adaptable lighting solution for interior environments of all types. With non-flickering LED technology, Leach ensure a seamless light experience. Functioning as a striking feature within any space and also creating an environment of natural light, suspended lightboxes are advantageous for a number of uses.

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